ADT Abilene, Texas

Learning Important Information About Abilene

Thinking of moving to Abilene, Texas? It is important to learn more about a city including crime statistics. Abilene is the county seat of Taylor County and sits in west-central Texas. The city boasts the 27th highest population in the state with approximately 120,000 people. The city has a military population due to the presence of Dyess Air Force Base. Abilene is growing and many housing developments are popping up in southwestern areas of the city. Do these new homeowners need to be concerned about crime? The bottom line is that everyone should have a security system. Feeling safe and secure in the home is key to one’s well-being. Crime Debate There is an ongoing debate as to how much crime occurs in Abilene. A 2015 news story played up FBI crime statistics. The city was named as one of the most dangerous in Texas. The numbers were based on the number of crimes per 100,000 people. Chief Stan Standridge disputed the numbers. He claimed the city did not have a lot of violent crime. Further, he said most of the crime was property-related. The Chief went on to blame an increase in crime on growing drug use. He urged residents to move forward and learn to practice safety measures. Texas And Prisons Texas is always at the center of discussions when it comes to prisons. Political groups claim Texas has more prisons that institutions of higher learning. In fact, Texas has some 440 prisons and jails compared to 369 colleges. Abilene is home to two prisons including the maximum security prison, Robertson. This state prison is located at 3522 Farm to Market Road. The prison holds some 1300 inmates. It is not uncommon for those living near prisons to have a security system. In addition, TDCJ or John Middleton Transfer Facility is located just outside the city. This facility is classified as a medium security state prison. TDCJ is used to rehabilitate inmates and help them transition back into society. Texans And Guns Texas is well known for the high number of gun owners. Perhaps, residents feel safe at home with a firearm. Of course, open carry is allowed in Texas. On the other hand, an alarm system may have helped 48-year-old Debra Jean Helgerson. The 48-year-old woman was stabbed to death at her home recently. She lived in the 700 block of Chapparel Circle. The home is located in the 79605 zip code. The accused broke into the house by tampering with the back door. It was later discovered the man had protection orders against him. Police Presence Abilene is served by the Police Department located at 450 Pecan Street. Additionally, the Taylor County Sheriff’s Department has space in the same building. The city’s latest police statistics show there were 7 murders and almost 400 aggravated assaults last year. In addition, there were 1200 burglaries. Are there enough police officers? The Police Department has 216 to serve 120,000 people. Perhaps, there is room for improvement in this area. The Sheriff’s Department does not answer citizens’ calls. Rather, the deputies’ main job is to man the correctional institute and secure the courthouse. Neighborhood Watch There are three registered Neighborhood Watch programs in the city. First, the Old Town Abilene Program is based at 743 Palm in the 79602 zip code. For more info, visit Next, the Good Neighbors are based at 1741 South 5th Street, also in the 79602 zip. The group’s email is Finally, the Old Town Abilene Neighborhood Association is located at 741 Peach Street in the 79602 zip code. Abilene Neighborhoods Crime in Abilene (zip code 79607) is higher than the national average. A recent survey uses a crime scale from 1 to 100. 1 is the best and 100 is the worst. Violent crime in 79607 comes in at 47. Violent crimes include murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery and aggravated assault. The national average is 41.4. Property crime is 73, the national average is 43.5. Property crimes include burglary, theft, car theft and arson. Zip code 79606 has a violent crime score of 35, lower than the national average. On the other hand, property crime comes in at 47, slightly higher. Meanwhile, zip 79605 has a score of 48 for violent crime and 59 for property crime. Scores in 79601 are higher than the national average. Violent crime comes in at 52 while property crime scores a 54. What about scores in 79602, the area with three neighborhood watch groups? Well, scores for violent crime and property crime are lower than the national average. It appears that zip 79602 may be a safe area to find a home. Zip 79603 rounds out the list with scores for violent crime and property crime higher than the national average. The website, Neighborhood Scout, lists Oldham Lane and E. South 21st as the safest neighborhood in Abilene. This neighborhood is in the 79602 zip. Further, Dub Wright Blvd. and Hartford Street is listed as the second safest neighborhood. It is also located in 79602. Security Companies Abilene has several security companies in the city. OSI Security is located at 5757 Holiday Street. The phone number is (325) 677-2938. A&DT Alarm and Security is located at 400 Pine Street. This firm can be reached at (325) 480-4872. Nationally-recognized ADT security has three offices in Abilene. To reach ADT, call toll-free at 1-800-862-8186. No matter where one lives, they deserve to feel safe. Find out about your city by checking crime statistics.