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Safety and Security At Home in Pennsylvania
If there’s one thing people tend to lack in these days, it’s peace of mind. There are just too many things to worry about on a daily basis. The average homeowner in Bethlehem has enough to worry about without things such as a break-in rearing its ugly head. Having to take time out of a busy day to worry about whether the front door was locked or if all the lights were turned off just isn’t an option. Fortunately, there are solutions to these worries and they are surprisingly affordable. The key to peace of mind for the average homeowner is to eliminate everyday worries whenever possible. By contacting a local home security service provider, homeowners can learn about the devices and services they can have installed in their home to help reduce stress and provide peace of mind. Home security systems are no longer limited to just alarms and sensors that detect intruders. Modern technology allows service providers to offer services that could help save lives during a medical emergency, prevent unauthorized entry into a home, and even alert family members to toxic gasses in the home. These services can even help save hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year. Home Security The first thing to do when considering home security is to contact a professional service provider. An experienced technician can come to any home in Bethlehem and perform a home security audit. During this visit, the service provider will evaluate the property and gather information about security vulnerabilities that could allow an intruder to enter a home undetected. This audit will provide powerful insight into just how secure a home really is. The service provider will most likely offer a package that will help close security gaps and much more. There are several different options for securing a home and some of them can provide different kinds of security. Basic sensors such as window alarms are a great way to provide a little additional security for a home. Motion detecting lights are a low-cost option that can be installed in any home. Sensors are effective but affordable.Cameras are one of the most popular security measures for homes. Parents can quickly and easily check up on their home and make sure everything is fine without having to call or make a trip home.Monitored services are gaining popularity among homeowners. The idea of someone else being able to see inside a home can be a little unnerving. Professional service providers are happy to lend an extra pair of eyes, but they never see anything the homeowner doesn’t want them to. Service providers only have access to cameras and sensors the homeowner allows.Statistics show that a home with a security system has one-third the chance of being robbed as a home without one. Just having signage for a security service provider posted is enough to deter some burglars.Most security systems also include carbon monoxide detection. This odorless gas is nearly undetectable by human beings, but with a home security system, there’s no need to worry. Home Automation For parent’s of teenagers, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as finding out that the front door was left unlocked. Nearly one-third of all burglaries take place because of an unlocked door or windows. This is a serious vulnerability and a huge risk to everyone’s safety in the home. This little issue can be a thing of the past with help from the right service provider. Home automation services can often be bundled with a home security system. Automating a home is like taking human error out of everyday life. With the click of a single button, an entire home can be secured as long as the appropriate locks and devices are installed. Top brand manufacturers have begun releasing products and devices that make it incredibly easy to automate the entire home. Smart thermostats are very popular among homeowners. These devices are installed just like any other thermostat, but they have one very important feature that doesn’t come standard on typical thermostats. Automating heating and cooling in a home can help reduce overall energy consumption by a considerable amount. Air conditioners and heating appliances are among the most expensive appliance to operate in a home. Avoiding running them unnecessarily means that while everyone is away there’s no energy being wasted regulating the temperature of an empty home. Personal Safety Everyone wants their family to be safe. Protecting them from intruders is a great start, but that isn’t the only risk family members might face. Elderly family members might be prone to slip and fall injuries. With a safety pendant, elderly family members can summon emergency services without a phone. Fall alerts can also be installed in areas of the home that might be difficult to navigate or are often slippery and unsafe. One of the best features of monitored services is that unusual or a lack of movement in the home can be noted and family members can be alerted for the purpose of a welfare check. Alerts can be added in almost any area of a home to indicate access. For example, a family with small children should have an alarm on their pool to notify parents if unsupervised activity is taking place. These and other sensors and alerts can help save lives and eliminate those worries that plague homeowners on a daily basis. For more information about how to improve overall safety, homeowners should call their local service provider to schedule a home security audit and analysis right away.