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Home Security Audits From A to Z

Homeowners have enough to worry about with work and other family matters. Having to worry about whether a home is secure shouldn’t be something that troubles the average person. If anyone checks the recent news in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, there are plenty of reasons to be worried. Homeowners can take a few steps themselves before calling a professional service provider for help. Taking an account of vulnerabilities in or around a home that could lead to unauthorized entry can help assess risks and secure the home against intrusion. This is called a home security audit.

Securing the Premises

Making sure the area around the home is secure should be the first step. The property surrounding the home should be free of debris that might be large enough to provide a hiding space for a person. Shrubs should be trimmed so that visible space is left between them. This will help prevent anyone from hiding in the bushes. Yards enclosed by a fence need to be surveyed once or more per month. Sometimes a burglar will cut a fence and come back later when they know the coast is clear. Gaps, cuts, and breaks in the fence should be mended right away. Alarms and alerts are relatively inexpensive. Motion sensor lights can be purchased for about twenty dollars. These lights are a great way to deter someone trying to make their way into the home through the backyard. Once the light comes on, most burglars will be on their way. Adding an alarm on windows or doors facing the back yard can help scare off anyone brave enough to keep trying. Inexpensive alarms can be purchased and installed on any window. If the window is opened or broken, they emit an ear piercing siren. Some alarms can even be programmed to contact the authorities.

Home Security

Home security solutions come in many brands and styles. Some of the latest systems are completely wireless and don’t require their own power source. More down to earth solutions include wireless cameras that can be accessed by a portable device such as a phone or tablet. Premium service providers offer much more than cameras. Monitored services can help contact the authorities if a break-in occurs while everyone is away. Home automation can be included in the service as well. With a single button, homeowners can secure their home and make sure all the lights are off. Certain hardware in a security system may be available in a wireless model. Customers should ask their service provider for information about availability Some appliances can be upgraded to make them smart. This means they can be controlled with a home automation phone app or system Home monitoring services are available for those who want the earliest alert possible. Service providers are able to access certain camera angles if an alarm goes off. This allows them to monitor activity and contact the authorities if a burglary is in progress Home automation is a great way to save energy. Some newer appliances are already smart, others may be upgradable. For complete home automation, the service provider can connect directly to the home’s circuit breaker. Homeowners can save hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year Personal safety alerts can be included in home security services as well. Families with senior members will be able to provide all the care their elderly family members need without having to intrude on their privacy. Fall alarms can be installed in the bathroom or other parts of the home. Safety pendants can be added as part of the system to make it easier for seniors to summon emergency services should a slip and fall accident occur. Monitored services can also alert family members if there hasn’t been any activity. These safety measures don’t have to be limited to senior family members. Pool entry alarms can be installed in homes with little ones that need supervision.

Professional Help for Professional Results

Once the basics are covered it’s time to call a professional. Most Broken Arrow homeowners can usually refer to online guides from their local city or county for taking a home security audit. Once all the steps are complete, the homeowner should consider a home alarm system. Homeowners can do their best to secure a home, but there’s only so much that can be done about home intrusion without the right tools. A professionally installed home security system will cover every security gap and help prevent home intrusions from ever happening. Home security professionals are trained to detect vulnerabilities and offer advice to homeowners on how to close these security gaps Poorly installed cameras and sensors can be bypassed by a skilled burglar. A professionally installed cable or device will hinder these would-be thieves If wireless hardware has been installed it’s best to let the service provider find the most secure way to broadcast footage. A home network using old encryption could leave the entire home vulnerable to intrusion Most would-be burglars are deterred by the simple fact that an alarm system is installed. Most criminals are looking for an easy score, they don’t want to risk getting caught. If a break-in does occur, it’s important to consider collecting evidence of the event. Having high-definition footage of the burglar would make it easy to identify distinguishing marks or other behavior that might make it easier to make an arrest. With the help of service providers, homeowners can be confident that the authorities will be alerted as soon as the break-in occurs.