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Building The Ultimate Security System

While everyone may pine for the days when one could leave their doors unlocked and everyone trusted their neighbors, the fact of the matter is that those days are never coming back. Unfortunately, we live in an era when crime rates are at an all-time high and there are more ways than ever for an intruder to do harm. How does a homeowner protect themselves against this? What, in effect, is the best security system? For a security system to be effective, it must be able to defend against modern techniques of intrusion while still retaining some of the more traditional aspects that are time-tested and proven to work. For a system to be considered on of the best, it should meet most, if not all, of the following criteria.

First, it is standard practice for a criminal to cut the wires to the system as one of the first matters of course. Therefore, with the advent of wireless technology and cellular connections, the ultimate security system should seek to utilize this technology in the best manner possible. By using a cellular connection, and not being subservient to a hard-wired telephone line, there is no line to cut. This throws a huge monkey wrench into the plans of the criminal. However, do not do away with the landline entirely. While having a cellular connection as its main source of communication with the parent security company and law enforcement, it does no good if there is a major storm or natural disaster. Therefore, it should be able to automatically switch to the traditional landline in the event that the cellular connection is lost but the landline is still feasible. On the note of law enforcement, the system needs to be able to instantly alert the proper authorities if it senses a break-in or intrusion attempt. If the intruder has more nefarious plans than just robbery, there may not be time to call the police yourself. The ability to connect quickly with the nearest police station and alert them to the situation can literally be the difference between life and death. Do not risk your’s or your family’s well-being on a system that does not offer this option. The modern life is filled with hustle and bustle and it seems like we are always on the go. This is why it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the system can be monitored via smartphone or mobile device. There may be situations that the homeowner wants to control from afar such as lighting or remotely allowing access if a family member needs to gain entry to check on things such as plants or pets. With remote capabilities, there is never a need to feel stress when away from the home for extended periods of time nor is there a need to have to hand out keys which may be lost or stolen. Everything is performed when the homeowner wants it done and exactly how the homeowner wants it done. One feature that is nice to have when building the best security system is the ability to monitor other things in the home besides just doors and windows. For instance, if the family hires a babysitter or leaves the older children at home, there may be a desire to place sensors on the liquor cabinet to avoid potential reckless behavior. This same idea also can work with gun cabinets if they are located in the home or even filing cabinets that may contain sensitive information. Basically, anything the homeowner does not want snooped through or rifled through can be monitored. After all, sometimes it is not the actions of strangers that we need to worry about but the actions of those who are closest to us. So-called “nanny cams” are a very popular option as they can be remotely viewed by the parents when they are away. They are a great option for ensuring peace-of-mind that the nanny or babysitter is actually doing their job and not endangering the children by either neglecting them or having unwanted “guests” over. Or worse. Unfortunately, these are things that any family with young children must think about and consider when reviewing and choosing security system options.

Finally, there is a critical need for a security system that has a strong anti-virus and anti-hacking security suite. After all, even the most advanced security system in the world is useless if it hacked into and controlled from afar by someone who has fooled the system into thinking they are the homeowner. This is especially important because not only can the system be controlled when the family is away but they could actually be spied upon when they are home if there are security cameras present. Also, since people have the unfortunate tendency to use the same passwords and pin numbers across multiple venues, this potentially puts the homeowner at risk for credit card and banking fraud, hacked emails and a plethora of other incidents that have been spawned with the integration of technology into our modern lives. Make sure that whatever security system is purchased is professionally installed by a company that has experience in the industry. There may be certain wiring, programming, or other settings that need to activated or installed in a special way that the homeowner is unaware of. While trying to save a few bucks may sound good upfront, it is certainly not worth it if it puts the lives and safety of those who live within the household at risk.