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Home Security in Bryan, Texas
Bryan, Texas is located within Brazos County. It is home to more than 78,000 people. With a low crime index in the city, it is important for all residents to be aware of the potential for criminal activity, and do their part to stop it from happening. This can be as simple as installing a home security system that monitors activity in the vicinity of the home. If everyone were to do this, the entire city could be under watch to deter crime from happening in the area. Crime Rates in Bryan Out of a score of 100, Bryan only receives a 14 on the crime index. This low number is a major indicator of high crime in the area. The national typically sees 32 crimes per square mile. Texas is overall lower, with a rate of 30 crimes per square mile. Bryan is higher than both, with a staggering 66 crimes per square mile in the area. Theft is one of the major crimes in the city, with more than 2,000 reported incidents of theft. Another 441 reports of burglary have been made, with an additional 122 reports of motor vehicle theft. Installing a home security system will help to lower these rates and make the city safer than it has been for some time. Bryan Police The Bryan Police do their best to patrol the area and keep streets safe. The police department is located at 303 E 29th Street. Residents can call the non-emergency number at (979) 209-5300 to reach someone about a crime in the area, or ask for information. Numerous services are offered by the police department, including patrol, a neighborhood enforcement team, police escorts, and crime prevention and safety. With these services in place, residents can at least know that if a crime happens, the police will handle the situation effectively. Gang Presence There is a large gang presence in Texas overall, so of course the city of Bryan is going to have some gang activity on occasion. The Texas Syndicate, Crips, Sureno, Aryan Circle, Bandidos, and the Gangster Disciples, are just a few of the known gangs in the area. The city of Bryan offers an online form to report gang or drug-related activity, so residents can feel safe making a simple report and getting their voices heard. Home security is needed in any area where this type of activity is found so residents can feel safe inside their homes.  Home Security Options When it comes time to find a home security system, it is best to shop around. There are several companies in the area that offer security equipment. Some simply sell the systems, while others will send out a technician to have the system installed. It is up to the homeowner to decide which option is best for them. A security system can even be purchased at a regular store, but the homeowner will then be responsible for setting it up. It will also be self-monitored. A professionally installed system will have a profession monitoring team who can send alerts directly to the Bryan Police Department if the owner does not first respond to a call.  AT&T offers a home security option. The Digital Life Home Security Package allows residents to have their system monitored remotely. Remote door locks, security cameras and text and email alerts are all available through this system. Customers can go online to seek information, or simply call (866) 595-0161.  Audio Video is a home theater store in the area. It is located at 909 University Dr E, College Station, TX 77840. The store is open most days from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m, allowing residents to visit whenever they have the chance. Otherwise, they can call the shop to discuss their options. The store can be reached at (979) 268-6010. While the shop primarily focused on home theater, there is remote system monitoring available.  DAVS Amusements is yet another option in the city. This company can be reached at (979) 776-8287. This security system supplies has all types of equipment available for home security monitoring. A web-connected system, wireless system, alarm system, and basic burglar alarm are all available. There are also both indoor and outdoor options. Many homeowners choose a system that incorporates both, that way the inside of their home is protected if an intruder should get an inside, and the outside can be monitored so any suspicious activity can be reported quickly.  City Alarm System Code The city of Bryan has enacted a special alarm system code in the law books in recent years. Section 15-36 discusses all codes related to alarms and alarm monitoring. The primary law is that any resident who installs an alarm system must make that information available to the police. This way, they know which homes are armed and which are not. It also helps them keep false alarms to a minimum, since they know which people have alarms and have made reports.  A false burglar alarm is also a code in the city. People who make a false notification of a burglar in their home may not receive help as quickly in the future. All calls regarding burglary or theft, or any other crime, must be accurate and true. F A top priority for all Bryan residents should be home security. There are plenty of systems to choose from, and several companies that will come out and install the equipment to ensure it is in correct working order. With crime rates high in Bryan, home security can help put residents’s minds at ease.