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Home Security and Home Alarm Systems in California
These days it seems like everyone is on the go all the time. Sometimes this means important details are forgotten. Details such as whether the front door was locked, whether all the lights are off, or whether elderly family members have access to emergency services if needed might actually slip some people’s minds. Instead of letting these worries distract from the task at hand, homeowners should consider calling their local home security service provider for help. Major service providers offer more than just alarms for a home, there are several different resources offered by home security providers that homeowners might not know about. Home Security The first and most obvious benefit of a home alarm system is the protection and peace of mind it offers. Homeowners can check in on their home remotely just to make sure everyone is safe and sound. Camera access can be granted from anywhere with an internet connection, including on a portable device. Alerts can also be sent to a portable device. If an alarm is tripped everyone in the family can be alerted to assure no one stumbles in on what could be a dangerous situation. One thing homeowners in Chino Hills can be thankful for is that a home security system is a proven deterrent for burglars. Homes without a security system are more than twice as likely to be burglarized. This protection is just another way everyone in the family can feel safer and more secure. Even insurance providers understand how valuable a home security system can be. Some policy providers even offer discounts and reduced rates for homeowners with a qualifying home security system. Personal Safety Home alarm systems protect against more than just burglary. Alerts for toxic substances such as carbon dioxide are included in most modern security systems. While everyone is sleeping they will be protected against dangerous gasses that could lead to serious harm. Fire alarms and other personal safety devices can also be included. For families with elderly members, medical alerts can be installed as well. Fall alarms can be installed in the shower and other slippery areas in the home and a medical alert pendant can be tied into the wireless system to summon emergency services should a slip and fall accident occur. Cameras in some areas of the home can provide some protection as well. Homeowners can check the footage to see if there has been activity. If there’s reason to suspect there’s something wrong, the homeowner can call emergency services for a welfare check. This feature also works for teenagers that tend to get home later than they should. Monitored services are useful in detecting activity in the home when no one is around. Alerts for activity in the home can be sent to the account holders portable device just in case. Home Automation Many home security systems now include home automation devices. Being able to secure a home remotely with a portable device can bring any parent peace of mind. Anyone with teenagers understands the stress of not knowing whether the door was locked that morning. With a single click, parents can be sure that all the doors are locked, the lights are off, and no one is skipping school. Several prominent manufacturers have begun producing automation devices ranging from light bulbs to large appliances. Automating these devices not only adds some interesting features, it also helps homeowners save hundreds on their energy bills throughout the year. These savings can really add up over time, completely offsetting the cost of purchasing the automation devices. A smart thermostat can help regulate the temperature of the home when no one is around. There’s no sense wasting energy cooling a home when everyone is at school and work. The temperature can be set higher for the day and when everyone is on their way home it can be set lower, all automatically.Large appliances such as washers and dryers can also be automated. This means homeowners can be sure that when the appliance isn’t in use it won’t be consuming energy. Appliances such as water heaters consume considerable amounts of energy throughout the year. With an automated water heater, energy is only used when it’s needed.Full home automation is also available, but not all service providers offer it. With full control of the home, it’s possible to reduce energy use to a fraction of current rates. With a properly configured wireless network homeowners can control nearly every part of their home and truly make it their castle.Home automation is often powered by a smart device that learns habits that consume power. Over time, the system can learn these habits and optimize the way the home is configured. Contact a Professional Homeowners in Chino Hills can purchase home automation and security devices online or in person at almost any retailer. Some providers even offer kits to help make the process as easy as possible while maintaining quality results. Although these kits are affordable and easy to use, they don’t compare to the experience and knowledge of a professional service provider. Homeowners should call their local service provider and schedule a home security audit. This audit can reveal security gaps that the homeowner might not be aware of. More importantly, the service provider can offer insight into how those gaps can be secured using premium security hardware and services that could help keep everyone in the family safe and sound as well as save money on energy costs throughout the year.