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Home Security in Garland, TX

Is crime on the rise in Garland, Texas? Is it a safe place to live and raise a family? How are housing rates and what areas experience the highest volumes of crime? This article will touch on all of these things and inform you on everything that you need to know about home security in Garland, Texas.

Police stations in Garland, TX
For starters, it is important to know where the nearest police station is in your area. The major police station in Garland, Texas is:
Garland Police Department
1891 Forest Ln
(972) 485-4840

Prisons in Garland, TX

In addition to knowing where the nearest police station is and how to contact them in case of emergency, you should also be aware of the main prison areas. Crime is usually higher in these areas as prison breaks may occur.

Garland Detention Center (Jail) is the main prison located in Garland, Texas. It is located at 1900 West State Street, near the intersection of Forest Lane and State Street. According to the following map, crime rates are slightly higher and the quality of living is significantly more “unsafe” than areas of a greater distance from the prison.

The three areas with the highest amounts of crime in Garland, Texas are:

  • Lake Hubbard Pkwy / E – I30 (located in the southeast part of Garland)
  • City Center
  • Rose Hill (located in the southeast part of Garland)

In these unsafer areas, it is highly recommended to all residents to get an alarm citizen as an additional form of protection and home safety.

Crime statistics

The Garland Detention Center has been compiling a monthly crime statistics report with a detailed map of where each crime happened for years. For updates on the most recent crimes and robberies, head on over to their website and check it out.

If you’re interested in a visual of the most recent crime reports on theft, breaking and entering and assault, check out this map. Within the past two weeks alone, from October 5 to October 19, 2016, there have been 111 reported incidents of crime. They are all marked on this interactive map, which allows you to search by city and change the length of time for which the assaults and robberies have occurred.

Of the 111 reported crimes within those two weeks, there have been 36 violent crimes, 75 property crimes, and 0 quality of life crimes. Looking back over the course of the past few months, these crimes seem to be on par with the average crimes that have been happening since 2014 when the Garland Detention Center in Garland, TX started seriously recording crimes.

Average crime rates per year in Garland, TX

Each year Garland, Texas will experience significantly more crimes and robberies than the average crime per square mile of the state at large. Garland experiences 146 crimes per year per square mile whereas Texas receives 31.

Each year the residents of Garland experience an average of the following crimes:

  • 1,527 burglaries
  • 5,455 thefts from property crimes (breaking and entering)
  • 737 motor vehicle thefts

Recent crimes

Garland, TX and the surrounding Dallas areas are always generating new crimes. The most recent crime that took place in Garland was a breaking and entry in the southeast of the city, as reported by the Dallas News.

Housing rates in Garland, TX

There has been no change in housing rates throughout the past 2 years in Garland, TX. Housing rates have remained steady and have been, on average, lower than the Dallas Fort-Worth Metro area which surrounds Garland. Lower housing rates, in comparison to surrounding areas, is usually an indication of higher crime levels, unhappier residents and a lower quality of living, however, this is not always entirely representative of those things. The health of the American economy at large plays a bigger role in the rise and fall of housing prices.

Gun ownership in Garland, TX

There is an extremely high number of gun owners in Garland, TX. In fact, the city initiated a new open-carry gun policy effective as of January 1, 2016. Some reporters, like Jacquielynn Floyd, with the Dallas News, says that this new policy has reaped some unexpected consequences and has heightened the danger levels of residents instead of creating a safer environment.

Garland, Texas, like many other major cities, has seen tragic deaths as a result of gun ownership. There have been shootings, assaults and even accidental deaths by firearms, like the shooting of a 3 year old girl back in February of 2013.

Protecting you and your family from crime, regardless of what city you are residing in, is important and necessary. One of the easiest and quickest ways to ensure your safety is to instal a home security system. Installing an alarm into your house can bring peace of mind when you’re away from home because you’ll know that all of your possessions are safe and protected. It can also bring peace of mind when you are at home because you can relax without worry knowing that your family won’t be harmed.
Paying to install a monthly alarm system is an insignificant amount of money to pay in comparison to the safety that it will offer you and your family. There are many alarm system companies in Garland, TX, that can install home security devices in your home quickly and efficiently. Here area few of the major companies that you can contact.

Alarm system companies
Dallas Security Systems
10731 Rockwall Rd
(214) 553-6103

Interface Security Systems
2975 S Shiloh Rd
(972) 840-0835

Southwest Alarm Systems
10701 Plano Rd # 100
(214) 503-6188

American Defense Systems
12200 Ford Rd #150
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