ADT Great Falls, Montana

Know What You Can Do to Protect Your Home
The area of Great Falls, Montana is well known for its five waterfalls close together and has around 58,000 residents as of the 2010 census. The city is nicknamed the Electric city thanks to the hydroelectric dams on each of the five main waterfalls and it was the largest city in Montana until 1970 and the second largest until 2000. Yet, the city does have its share of crime and many residents wonder what they can do to further protect their home. Know the Crime in the City Within Great Falls, there are around 5.84 burglaries per 1,000 residents, 36.82 thefts, and 2.05 motor vehicle thefts per year. It has a crime index of 7, which means that 93% of the cities in the United States are safer than this city. This means the residents have a one in 22 chance of being a victim of a property crime, a very high risk. This can be compared to the one in 38 chance of being the victim of a property crime in Montana in general. Within the city, the center and southeast sections see a majority of the crime while the northern half, southwest and a pocket on the southeast have the lowest amounts of crime. It’s important for residents to check out the police department’s website as well as other websites to find out what crime occurs in their neighborhood so they’ll know how high of a chance they have of being the victim of a property crime. Measures to Protect the Home A person can take quite a few measures to protect their home, but the most effective will be participating in a neighborhood watch program and installing a security system in their home. Some of the easier things a person can do include the following. Bring everything inside at night. Many thieves steal because they see an opportunity to do so. Locking up the vehicle and bringing in anything valuable at night or when the person isn’t home can help ensure the items are not stolen. It’s never a good idea to leave valuables in a vehicle.Make sure the home is easy to see. Lights on the front porch, either always-on or motion-detected, can help ensure the front door is easy to see at night. If a thief can’t hide, it’s less likely they’ll have the time to pick the lock or break into the home. They’ll prefer areas that aren’t lit so they have a lower chance of being caught.Always lock all doors and windows. Again, thieves like to make it as easy as possible to get into a home or steal something. Simply making sure everything is locked at night or when the homeowner is away can make it more difficult for them to get in. Participate in a Neighborhood Watch Program One of the ways to reduce the amount of crime in a neighborhood is to participate in a neighborhood watch program. If there isn’t one already in the neighborhood, a person can speak with their local police department to get the information they need to start one. With a neighborhood watch program in effect, all of the neighbors help keep an eye on the neighborhood as a whole. This means there is almost always someone watching for suspicious behavior and it can be reported quickly, hopefully before anything is stolen. A person can participate by simply keeping an eye on the neighborhood when they’re able to and by reporting anything suspicious as soon as they notice it. When the neighbors all work together to do this, thieves don’t have the chance to steal anything and won’t have the time needed to break into a home. There is a higher chance they’ll be caught trying to do this. Additionally, this can be a deterrent for thieves because they’ll quickly learn they have a higher chance of being caught if they try to steal anything in the neighborhood. Choosing a Security System for the Home Residents of Great Falls might want to consider a security system for their home. While neighborhood watch programs can be incredibly effective, they’re not going to completely prevent crime. A security system allows the homeowner to ensure their home is protected while they’re away or asleep and can be advantageous if anything happens as it can help catch the person who stole something or entered the home. Do-it-yourself security systems are highly popular right now because they allow the homeowner to choose the components they want and don’t require a monthly fee. The person will need to monitor the system on their own, however, so it’s often beneficial to install a motion detector that can alert them to any motion within the home and security cameras so they can view their home wherever they might be. Monitored security systems are another excellent option as someone will always be available to alert the police if the alarm is set off. The downside is that they do require a monthly monitoring fee, but this is often inexpensive and well worth it for a person who cannot monitor their own system at work or when traveling. Residents of Great Falls might love where they live, but they also might want to consider the crime in the area and what they can do to protect their home. When you know the steps you can take to protect your home, it’s easier to avoid being the victim of a property crime and easier for you to ensure that you, your home, and your family are as safe as possible all of the time. Take action today to ensure your home is protected.