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Several Arrests Have Been Made in a Rash of Green Bay Burglaries– Get ADT!

Several people have been arrested in for burglarizing hard-working residents of Green Bay. Although people should feel safe leaving their home and going to work or out to run errands, there’s a chance your property might be missing when you return. The police are doing a great job of apprehending the people responsible for these crimes but in many cases, the property is long gone before the thief is caught. Since many renters don’t have insurance on their personal belongings, victims might have to replace the property out of their own pocket. Although a resident can’t control the behavior of a criminal, there are some things they can do to make their home less attractive to thieves. Doing these things will increase the chances of a neighbor seeing something wrong and notifying the police. Fortunately, most of these tips don’t require much or any investment on the part of the law-abiding citizen.

First thing you need to do is pick up the phone and ask ADT to quote you for a security system in your home. It doesn’t hurt to call and get some pricing so you know what you are looking for.

Clear the Line of Vision

Trees and shrubbery can offer a certain level of privacy for a homeowner. They may also provide some shade when the sun is beaming down in the summer. However, these obstacles can also provide places for criminals to hide and allow them to get in and out of a house without being spotted by concerned neighbors. Clearing the trees and shrubs might be an inconvenience but it is much less inconvenient than coming home to a burglarized home. Outdoor lighting is important as well. It’s not enough to have an empty front yard. People have to be able to see the front of your home. Adding a light in the front and a motion-sensor light in the back is generally enough to provide lighting that will deter burglars. Some people leave lights on inside their house when they aren’t home to give the appearance that the house is occupied when it isn’t.

Lock the Doors

Leaving doors and windows unlocked is an invitation to criminal to break into your house. While you should have every right to leave your windows open to allow fresh air into your home during the day, doing so is a sure way to allow an intruder easy access to your belongings. It’s important to make a habit of checking all doors and windows before leaving the house. This includes the garage door. The garage is one of the most popular access points for a burglar. Be sure to lock the entry door from the garage to your home as well. If any windows aren’t working properly, get them repaired. It’s just too risky with all these burglaries going on to give a criminal easy access to your stuff.

Use Curtains or Blinds

There’s no good reason to tempt a would-be thief. Leaving items in plain view is just an invitation for someone to steal them. Since it’s next to impossible to get small electronics, jewelry and cash back once it’s been stolen, it’s important to keep it out of plain view. Covering your windows will ensure that people can’t easily see into your home and they won’t know whether you have anything worth stealing. Breaking into a home is risky so criminals generally only go into houses where they know they’ll be able to find things they can snatch and sell quickly.

Install an ADT Security System

Monitored home security systems like ADT protect Green Bay residents in a number of ways. First, they serve as a deterrent. Thieves will usually bypass houses that obviously have security systems installed. Should a burglar be brazen enough to attempt to break into a home that is monitored, the alarm system will alert the police and there’s a good chance they’ll be caught. A final way a security system can benefit families is because even if you are never a victim of a burglary, you may be able to get a discount on your homeowners insurance just because you have the system. If you rent and don’t have insurance, it’s worth looking into if you are planning to get an alarm system. Having an alarm system is not enough. If you are going to go through the trouble to install and pay for a monitoring, you have to arm your system every time you leave your home. If you leave the alarm unarmed and a crook tries their luck, you’ll be the loser. Your insurance company might even have some uncomfortable questions for you when you call to file your claim, especially if you’re getting a discount for having the system. Several burglars have been apprehended recently and there’s a good chance there are more out there. People only commit these kinds of crimes when they are confident they’ll be able to get away with it. It’s up to concerned residents to secure their own homes and vehicles and watch out for their neighbors as well. When there are fewer homes that are easy targets for these opportunistic thieves, they’ll have no choice by to find something else, ideally something productive, to do. In the meantime, you can follow these tips to make your home less attractive to people who make a living by stealing from others. If you live in a neighborhood full of busy professionals who don’t know each other well, it might be beneficial to host a get together so every knows who should and shouldn’t be in the area. When neighbors look out for each other, everyone is safer. Whether you form an official neighborhood watch group or just agree to contact the police if you see anything suspicious, this can have a dramatic effect on crime in your neighborhood.