ADT Gulfport, Mississippi

Valuable Information About Your Town
No matter where a person lives, they want to feel safe at home. That is why alarm systems are beneficial to everyone. Do some investigating where you live. For instance, Gulfport, Mississippi has some pluses and minuses when it comes to feeling safe. Gulfport is the second largest city in Mississippi. Further, it is known for its port and casinos. Biloxi is nearby and the area between the two is home to many casinos and luxury hotels. The population is 70,000 and the average household income is $43,000. Housing The housing market was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina. Many people who fled the storm never returned. As a result, there are more properties than residents. Indeed, there are many vacant homes in the inner city. Vacant homes can be a trigger for crime. They attract drug users and vagrants. People who live near vacant properties should have some sort of home security system installed. Casinos There is a great deal of debate regarding whether or not casinos attract crime. When people lose their money, and invariably they will, they may become desperate. Consequently, desperate times call for desperate, sometimes criminal actions. One study shows that casinos do attract crime, particularly auto thefts and property crime. Further, the study indicates crime can spill over into neighboring communities. Those who live in casino communities should err on the side of caution. Do whatever is necessary to protect your property. Correctional Facilities Many residents are concerned about crime when jails and prisons are nearby. Gulfport is home to the Harrison County Adult Detention Center. Officials state it is the largest jail in Mississippi. Interestingly, four inmates escaped recently from the facility. Three inmates were recaptured. However, the fourth who was being held on murder charges, remains at large. The facility is located at 10451 Larkin Smith Drive. Gun Ownership There are those that want to protect their property with a gun. Indeed, over half of Mississippians own guns. A 2015 news article stressed a link between gun ownership and gun deaths. Mississippi is one of the top five U.S. states with the most gun deaths. In hindsight, it is probably safer to protect your home with a security system. Crime Rate Incidents of violent crime in Gulfport are below the national average. The national average is 41.4 percent and Gulfport stands at 20 percent. Violent crimes include murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery and aggravated assault. On the other hand, property crime is at 63 percent. This is above the national average of 43.5 percent. Property crimes include burglary, larceny, theft, car theft and arson. Gulfport Police The Police Department has seen increased calls during the last few years. In 2015, there were 139,232 calls. That is up from 8 percent in 2014. The numbers correspond to 11 percent more documented police reports in 2015. Police estimate that violent crimes rose 16 percent over the last five years. Gulfport police have 201 sworn personnel and 92 civilian staff members. Their duties include policing Gulfport, the Gulf Coast beaches, casinos, fishing and three local colleges. The police department is located in the Robert J. Curry Public Safety Center, 2220 15th St. in Gulfport. Neighborhood Watch Gulfport Police work closely with citizens who participate in Neighborhood Watch programs. A recent news story points out how valuable these programs are. Yolanda James lives in the Bayou View area of Gulfport. She got involved after a scary home break-in. Her daughter called and reported that someone was knocking on the door. It wasn’t long before the bad guys kicked in the side door. The terrified children hid in the closet. As a result, James started a Neighborhood Watch program in her community. Jamie Bates is a watch group captain who has a Facebook page for his neighborhood. Neighbors post images from their surveillance cameras on the page. They hope the criminals will be recognized. Bates recommends that people keep their doors locked and turn on the alarm system and security cameras. Another Gulfport neighborhood is on the move after four burglaries in four days. The problems in the Rolling Meadows neighborhood started in August. Councilwoman Ella Holmes lives in the neighborhood. She wants her neighbors to call police when they see strangers. One neighbor says she is an 11-year resident and was burglarized for the first time. Michelle Rogers felt invaded and could not sleep. The neighbors are planning a watch program. There are many Neighborhood Watch Programs in the area. These include: Ridgecrest Estates Watch-Hughes Road, Ridgecrest Estates Watch-Lot 96, John Clark Road Watch and the Turan Road Watch. Security Companies There are several home security companies in the Gulfport area. Check them out if you are interested in getting a system. The Companies include Protection One, 16197-D Landon Road, Gulfport; A American Home Security System, 2605 25th Avenue, Gulfport; ADT-call 1-800-666-0009; Broadview Security Dealer, 1418 W. Interstate 65 Service Rd. S., Gulfport. Advantages of A Security System There are many advantages to having a security system. First, it increases the value of a home. Secondly, today’s wireless systems allow residents to watch their home while they are at work. This is really important if there is a family at home. Further, if you are home alone, the sound of an alarm gives you the time to react. In addition, many home insurance companies give residents a discount if they have a system. Most importantly, you work hard for your home and deserve to feel safe.