ADT Harlingen, Texas

A Detailed Assessment Of Crime Statistics And The Need For Home Security

The latest statistics for the city of Harlingen, Texas indicates that it has a population of 65,774 residents. The most recent crime index rating assigned to the city was 13. The rating shows that the city has a greater crime rate than similar cities of the same population. These rates show a true need for home security to mitigate common risks for homeowners. The following is a detailed assessment of crime statistics and the need for home security.

What Current Criminal Statistics Say About Harlingen

According to the current criminal statistics, there were 201 violent crimes committed in Harlingen last year. These statistics indicate that at least 3 out of every 1,000 residents were a victim of a violent crime. Next, there were 2,203 property-related crimes that occurred in the city. These statistics show that 33 out of every 1,000 residents were victims of a property-related crime. Overall, there were 2,404 crimes committed in the city. These statistics show that at least 36 out of every 1,000 residents were a victim of some form of crime in the city of Harlingen last year. In contrast, among the violent crimes that were committed, there were 32 rapes, 1 murder, 51 robberies, and 117 physical assaults. These statistics show that one out of every 327 residents was a victim of a violent crime. Next, among the property-related crimes, there were 531 home invasions, 1,620 property thefts, and 52 automobile thefts. These statistics show that one out of every 30 residents was the victim of property-related crime. Overall, these statistics show that 60 crimes were committed per square mile in the city of Harlingen last year. In By examining these rates, it is clear that all homeowners must take a more realistic approach to protecting their homes. These rates show that there is a higher probability that they will become a victim if they don’t arm their home with a home security system with the right features. In addition to these features, they need a security provider that monitors the property closely.

Were There Any Violent Protests or Violent Crimes in the Local News?

The most recent protests related to the presidential election and the shooting deaths associated with law enforcement officers. While the protesters claimed to attempt peaceful protests, these events ended with more violence, rioting, and serious injuries. Among these protests was an event that was supposed to honor the life of Sandra Bland. Instead, the protest began another in a long collection of events that ended in violence and numerous individuals sent to local hospitals or arrested. The city has also been the scene of serious street violence between local gangs. These occurrences led to five dead and several needed emergency medical care. Due to this frequent emergence of risks, all homeowners must review these probability when securing their home and families from these violence behaviors and threats.

What is the Current State of the Local Housing Market?

The current state of the local housing market indicates increases of 2% in the last year. The current average for home prices is $75,000. This is based on the unit price of $73 per square foot. The latest reports indicate that the housing market is likely to increase in value by as much as 5% in the upcoming year. These rates could provide homeowners who want to sell a better opportunity to turn a profit and eliminate any outstanding mortgage balances. To retain the value of their homes, local homeowners need to consider the true benefits of installing a home security system. These systems provide effective protection for their investment and lower the risk of property damage. For most homeowners, this indicates heightened security and the elimination of depreciation. Most homeowner’s insurance carriers provide discounts for property owners who install these systems as well. This makes their premiums more affordable and manageable. It also gives the homeowner the advantage of protecting their family from harm in a city with a higher than average crime rate.

Are There Sex Offenders Living in Harlingen?

Yes, the currently there are 177 registered sex offenders living in the city of Harlingen. The current ratio between residents and sex offenders is 371 to 1. The highest concentration of sex offenders in the city is located between Ed Carey Drive and the city’s center. Among the sexually-based offenses in which these individuals were convicted include but are not limited to burglary with the intent to commit sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault of a child, possession of child pornography, and indecency with a child. The nature of these offenses implies that homeowners with children are at a greater risk to home invasions and heinous crimes. For these reasons, homeowners must take measures to reduce the probability of a break-in and keep their children secure. The installation of a home security system is the start of a safer home.

Are There Prisons in or Near Harlingen?

Among the jails and prison located in or near this location are Harlingen City Jail, Cameron County Jail, Darren B. Hester Juvenile Detention Center, and Port Isabel Detention Center. These facilities secure dangerous criminals that pose a threat to local residents. As recent reports have shown, escapes are probable. For these reasons, homeowners need effective home security now. In Harlingen, Texas, homeowners who examine the current criminal statistics recognize a trend of violent crimes and home invasions. They also see an increased risk for women and children. Homeowners who want to secure their home contact a local provider and install a home security system now.