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Home Security in Indianapolis, Ind. & What Makes a Home a Target

Indianapolis, Ind., has always been a lively place where a family can grow, but things are changing. The home invasion rate in this city has been steadily on the rise for some time, which should force homeowners to rethink the security of their homes. Homeowners need to be aware of the danger, understand how home invasions usually take place, and learn how to prevent them with certain measures like installing a home security system.

The Danger is Real

This may not be something that homeowners in Indianapolis want to hear, but knowing the danger can help a person find a solution to the pressing matter, which is vital for the security of the household. A woman living in the Geist area was attacked in her home. A man broke her door down and came into the house.

The man that broke into her house tied her up and demanded money. The perpetrator was looking for a safe, but the house did not have one. He scared the homeowner and continued to ask for money. The man was able to steal some jewelry from the house before leaving, and he has not been found. The attack occurred on Sept. 14. Neighbors were completely shocked that something like that happened in their neighborhood, which is relatively safe.

The reports did not mention if the woman had a home security system, but it is likely that she did not. It was not until the man left and she was able to untie herself that she had the opportunity to call the police.

How a Criminal Chooses a Home

Knowing how a criminal conducts his or her research on a particular area might be crucial. It could give homeowners an opportunity to show burglars that their particular home is not a good target. One thing that burglars like to do is take notice of when cars come and go. This is easier to spot when a homeowner parks outside rather than in the garage. It might be a good idea to see if there are suspicious characters around the neighborhood, too.

There are obvious signs that may reveal a home should be avoided. These signs could include mail piling up or snow that has not be shoveled. It might be a good idea to stop mail, and ask a neighbor to help shovel the snow if one will be away for time.

It is imperative that homeowners install a home security system. Be sure that the system has a few visible signs to deter possible burglars. These could be yard signs stating that the house is monitored, or it could simply be something like security cameras. Sensor lights could also help deter thieves. Failing to have some of these in place might make a home a target.

Pet doors or small windows in the basement need to be secured. These may not seem like easy entry points, but it is not uncommon for a burglar to have a petite counterpart or even a child with him or her. These smaller individuals could easily penetrate some of these openings. A home that has failed to secure these areas might catch a home invader’s eye.

Home invaders may skip a home with difficult entry points. A homeowner can accomplish this look with a few upgrades. For one, double windowpanes are a little harder to break through. It might also be a good idea to replace thin doors with heavier wood or metal doors. These upgrades might seem small, but a burglar knows that it is going to take him or her longer to break into a house with these upgrades and might opt for an easier target. Home invaders are looking for fiberglass doors or single-pane windows.

Burglars love to see a home with large bushes around the home. Bushes and trees give thieves a hiding place while they attempt to burglarize the home. It makes it easier for them to gain entry without worrying about being seen. It is imperative that a homeowner trim any bushes to avoid signaling a potential home invader.

Yes, it might seem weird to say, but another way that home invaders are casing a home is by stalking the homeowners social media accounts. It is not uncommon for people to post vacationing pictures to update friends about an upcoming trip. These updates are wonderful, but they can help a thief know when a home is going to be free. It is very important that this type of information is not placed on social media. A better idea is to update social media about a trip after returning home.

A home that does not have a sign indicating that there is a dog on the premises is very alluring to a burglar. It is much easier to brake into a home without a dog than having a barking dog to contest with. A home invader will definitely skip a home with signs of a dog. It might also be a good idea to professionally train the home’s dog to protect the house. Professional training includes lessons on tackling a burglar down and dealing with criminals holding a deadly weapon.

Be sure that the security gadgets are installed professionally and strategically. A burglar will notice if gadgets like flood lights could be compromised, making that particular home vulnerable. Flood lights that are not high enough should be easy to reach, which is what the burglar will do to unscrew the light. The same thing goes with security cameras that are within reach.

Of course, these are just a few signs that burglars look for when they search for a home to invade. It might be wise to talk to a local police officer to help survey the home as he or she can expose other weaknesses that might help a home invader covet a particular home.