ADT Lafayette, Indiana

Home Security in Lafayette, Indiana
Lafayette, Indiana boasts a population of more than 70,000. While this is on the smaller side compared to many cities throughout the U.S., it is still a worthwhile amount. With so many people condensed in one area, it is important for all residents to take their safety seriously. This, in part, means adding a home security system that will monitor the home and allow people to be on the lookout for suspicious activity. Security Suppliers Numerous security supplies are available in the Lafayette area. OneTouch Security Plus is one option. The company is located at 500 Main Street, and can be reached by telephone at (765)-423-4309. Both residential and commercial security services are offered, including state of the art technology, door and window sensors, keypads, sirens, motion detectors, and even carbon monoxide detectors. While it is not a full alarm system company Haley’s Lock Safe & Keys does offer access control locks. These types can vary, with either special key entry, key card access, or PIN access. A surveillance system can also be set up that allows for real time access control. Haley’s is located at 415 N Earl Ave, and can be reached at (765) 447-5726. AT&T Digital Life Home Security is another valid option. This plan offers smart home security and automation. It works to protect, monitor, and manage numerous systems within the home remotely. This includes the alarm system, fire detection, carbon monoxide monitoring, and even water detection.  Crime Rate in the City The crime rate in the city is 86 percent higher than the average throughout the U.S. It is also 78 percent higher than other citites in Indiana. With such alarming numbers, it is even more important for residents of Lafayette to realize how valuable a home security system is. More than 3,000 property crimes have been reported, with 2,410 thefts, 96 robberies, 322 assaults, 679 burglaries, and 230 motor vehicle thefts.  Best and Worst Neighborhoods Knowing which neighborhoods are the best and worst in the area can help newcomers decide where to settle down. The most reported crimes actually occur on the west side. This includes streets like Elmwood Avenue and Greenbush Street, North 9th Street and Sagamore Parkway North, South Earl Avenue and Main Street, and also South Street. These ares are in particular need of home security options to help keep people protected.  The northeast side of the city holds some of the best neighborhoods. All areas between Monitor and Heath are included. The southern-most part of the city is included on the list of safe places as well. North Crane, South Raub, 350 South, and 250 East are all included.  Presence of Police in the Area While crime rates are high, so is the presence of police in the area. This can at least help people rest assured that any crimes committed will be handled appropriately. The Lafayette Police Department is located at 20 N 6th St # 3. It is in the downtown area. Less than 10 minutes away is West Lafayette, where another police station is located. The West Lafayette Police Department is located at 711 W Navajo Street. Also in West Lafayette is the Indiana State Police. They are located at 5921 IN-43. With three separate police stations located in close proximity of each other, residents in the area can feel safer knowing there is law enforcement nearby when help is needed. This also helps to cut down response times to calls.  Gang Affiliation It may not be high, but there is some gang affiliation in the Lafayette area. White supremacy gangs and motorcycle gangs are two of the most commonly seen. The authorities have tacked on a gang enhancer charge to felony punishments. This means anyone found committing a crime who is also part of a gang will have a harsher sentence.  Alarm Systems in the News One news story from the area has helped alarm systems get their purpose out there. A lawmaker who pushed for certain vape legislation that benefited a vaping business is now employed at the company it was set to work with. While many say he benefited from pushing the law through, Alan Morrison has made it clear that is not the case. He does not actually sell vaping products for the company. Instead, he handles the sales of alarm systems for the other company that the vape shop was meant to utilize for security services. He is a sales consultant for General Alarm Co, selling residential and commercial alarm systems.  Newsworthy Crimes in the Area Several newsworthy crimes have taken place in Lafayette, making it even more worthwhile for residents to install security systems immediately. One man, Henry Brian Williams, was taken into custody for questioning regarding several kidnapping and rape cases. He worked with Luke Bryon Fahringer on at least one of the crimes. The two followed a woman into a Lafayette restaurant and agreed to give her a ride to meet friends. What they did instead was bring her to an apartment building on Rockingham Lane and forced her to complete sexual acts. They told her they would kill her family if she told anyone. Williams fled, and was not tracked down until nearly a year later, where he was finally placed in jail.  The purpose of home security is to keep homeowners safe. With a system in place, that goal is completely possible. Every resident in the Lafayette area should do their part to keep the neighborhood safe by adding an alarm and surveillance system that will monitor their home’s surroundings and notify police of any strange incidences.