ADT Lake Charles, Louisiana

Home Security in Lake Charles, LA

Lake Charles is an incorporated city in the state of Louisiana. It is the fifth largest in the area. This city boasts a population of more than 74,000 people. Due to the waterways and lakes connected to the city, the area brings in a lot of tourism. This can spell trouble in some instances, as property crimes are more likely to occur from those that visit the town and are expected to leave shortly after. Installing home security is highly advisable for this reason.

Home Security Options

Several home security options are available in Lake Charles. This ensures all residents can find an option they are most comfortable with. Sylvan’s Special Systems, located on 645 Hodges St, is one possibility. The company provides all types of audio visual equipment, including a surveillance system and home monitoring. Residential security is one of the top priorities. Remote alarm monitoring, door and window sensors, driveway alarms, and wireless security cameras, are just a few of the available services. Burglar Alarm & Security is another choice. This business is a security system supplies, with a variety of options available. The company provides a professional installation so customers know their system is set up correctly and working right before the end of the visit. The business is located at 430 Alamo St. Yet another option is RedAlert Security Services, Inc. It is located at 542 Theriot Road. This business offers numerous residential services, including burglar alarms, smart home automation, fire alarms, and overall home monitoring. Devices and installations are custom designed with each customer in mind.

Housing Rates

The housing rates in the city have been steady for some time. The median going rate $180,000, which is average across most states. This equates to $25 per square foot of space. With deal housing rates, it is an indication that the city of Lake Charles is not truly bad on crime, making it a worthwhile location to live.

High Crime Neighborhoods

While home security should be utilized in every home, there are some neighborhoods that truly need it most. High crime areas are where more crimes are reported, including property crimes. The northern part of the city is most likely to experience this type of activity. The areas of Route 397, Bill Gayle Road, Shell Beach Drive, Alvin Street, and Lake Street are where the most incidents have been reported.

Low Crime Neighborhoods

Many low crime neighborhoods are also available in Lake Charles. The most common crime-free area is the south side of the city. This includes the areas of Grand Chenier and Grand Lake. Just north of that on Big Lake Road and West Tank Farm Road is also considered safe, along with other small neighborhoods along the west side.

Overall Crime Rate

The overall crime rate for the city is on the low side compared to many other locations throughout the U.S. However, Lake Charles itself experiences more crime than the average city within the state of Louisiana. Lake Charles has experienced an average of 81 crimes per square mile, while Louisiana in general has seen 34 crimes per square mile. The city has reported 1,588 burglary crimes, 1,310 thefts, and 170 motor vehicle thefts.

Correctional Facilities and Police Presence in the Area

Several correctional facilities are available in the area. This can have two different effects on residents. Some may believe the presence of these facilities is comforting, as they realize that many criminals are locked behind bards. Others may feel as though the presence of these facilities makes the area seem less safe, with numerous criminals held in a nearby location. Either way, home security is key in keeping residents safe should a situation ever arise. The Calcasieu Correctional Center is one option in the vicinity. It is located at 5410 Broad St. This is where the sherriff’s office is located. The goal of the sherriff’s office is to prevent crimes from occurring. This is done with the help of crimestoppers, neighborhood watch, and the narcotics tip line. Anyone interested in joining their neighborhood watch program can seek information at this location. Two law enforcement centers are also located nearby. The Central Lake Charles office is located at 2112 Moeling St. It can be reached at 337-491-3626. The South Lake Charles office is located at 7098 Gulf Hwy. It can be reached at 337-431-1331. Both are open between Monday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Either office can be contacted to learn about crime prevention in the area, make a report, or request information.

Nuisance Abatement

Codes regarding nuisance abatement have been put forth to work toward improving the quality of life in Lake Charles. This includes an ordinance on gangs and gang-related crimes. Section 12.5-6 discusses criminal street gangs and patterns of criminal street gang activity. Any building used by a gang is considered a nuisance under this law. Any found guilty of gang-related activities can be removed or evicted from the premises. Gang activity is minimal in Lake Charles, but it is still there. This makes it even more important for residents to consider home security to protect themselves and their belongings. Home invasion and theft are common occurrences from gang members looking to make some quick cash. Five Duece Hoovers and Folk Nation are two common gang names to hear in the area. Most are comprised of young crews from opposite sides of the tracks acting as rivals. Home security is highly important in the city of Lake Charles. While the city may have a lesser crime rate than many other U.S. cities, a large amount of thefts and property crimes are still reported regularly. Staying safe in any way possible is encouraged.