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Premium Security and Home Automation in Texas

To be perfectly frank, the world can be a scary place. There are plenty of people out there who will do terrible things just a make a little money. Burglars don’t care about the welfare of the person they steal from, they just want a way to make some easy money. Homeowners in League City that discover they have been burglarized end up living with a sense of dread, a loss of their sense of security that will never be regained. This violation os personal safety can be frightening and very frustrating, but there are few things homeowners should know about break-ins before they decide one way or the other whether they should have a home security system installed. Burglars tend to avoid home’s with a security system installed. Homes without a system have more than twice the chance of being broken into.Contrary to popular belief, most burglaries don’t take place at night. Most robberies occur during the middle of the day when most everyone is away at work or school.An experienced burglar can be in and out of a home in ten minutes or less. Criminals know where to go in order to find the most valuable items and make off with them as quickly as possible.Nearly one-third or burglaries occur because of an unlocked door or window. More than one-third of successful burglars enter a home through the unlocked front door.Criminals most often search the master bedroom for valuables first. Most people tend to leave valuable items lying around their bedroom because they feel it’s the safest room in the home.The average homeowner suffers over two-thousand dollars in losses during a robbery.During three of ten burglaries, one or more family members are home. This means that family members may be at serious risk of harm.Only about ten percent of burglaries result in an arrest. This is mostly caused by a lack of evidence. With high-definition footage, police might be able to identify unique characteristics that could lead to an arrest.

Home Security Systems for any Budget

Most homeowners in League City assume that the cost of a home security system is much too high for them to afford. What homeowners might be surprised to learn is, most security systems are very affordable. Premium service providers offer plans that start at as little as thirty dollars per month. Basic services are very affordable and offer more than adequate protection in most cases. Premium home security is a serious business, so it’s important that a professional service provider is contacted right away so a home security audit can be performed. An experienced service provider can come to a home and check the home and the surrounding property for security gaps that might allow a burglar to slip in unnoticed. Poor lighting allows intruders to slip into a yard unnoticed and make their way towards a home. Shrubs and debris will need to be removed in order to reduce the areas in which a burglar might sneak around a yard. Shrubs should also be trimmed in order to make it more difficult to hide behind them. Fences will need to be mended in order to prevent someone slipping under or through them. Motion sensors and cameras can be installed outside the home to alert family members to unusual activity in the yard. When the system is installed, the wireless network used to communicate and transmit data will need to be encrypted and secured in order to prevent snooping on camera footage or other sensor data. There are often several security gaps that will need to be addressed right way in order to reduce the risk of a break-in. Depending on the size of the home and the surrounding property, there may be a perfect solution. For exterior security, motion sensors and cameras are often enough to alert homeowners and prevent intrusion. The inside of a home is a little more complicated. Each and every entry point in a home will need to be addressed. This means window alarms and door sensors are a must. Without these sensors, a burglar could make their way into a home completely unnoticed.

Home Automation Solutions

Home security systems aren’t all serious. Sometimes it’s about making life easier. With home automation, homeowners won’t ever have to worry about whether they locked the doors or turned off the lights. By accessing the system on their portable device, homeowners can secure their home with the click of a single button. This is perfect for families with teenagers who tend to forget about locking doors, resetting the thermostat, and turning off the lights. Home automation makes it easy and effortless to secure a home and make sure there’s no energy being wasted on appliances and devices that aren’t being used. One of the most appealing features of home automation is the savings on energy costs. Appliances such as air conditioners and water heaters cost quite a bit to run throughout the year. By programming the automation system to turn off the air conditioner unit and water heater there won’t be any waste while everyone is gone for the day. Shortly before it’s time for everyone to be arriving home, the appliances can be turned back on. This simple process could save homeowners hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. These savings translate into a considerable return on an investment. Over time, the energy savings will more than make up for the cost of the system.