ADT Mesquite, Texas

The Need For Home Alarms In Mesquite, Texas

The residents of Mesquite, Texas take their safety very seriously. While the state of Texas is known for the population’s love of personal firearms, the city of Mesquite is widely regarded as the gun show capital of America. It is undeniable that legal gun ownership is a beloved right that is highly exercised in this southern city. However, even with the protection that firearms bring, there is still a need for home alarms.

Unfortunately, while Mesquite is a small and beautiful city, the property crime rate is higher than both the state and national averages. With a national median of 32.8 property crimes per square mile, Mesquite has a median of 130 crimes per square mile. Robbery-related crimes top the list with approximately 40.62 crimes per 1000 people. It is undeniable that a quality home security system is crucial to maintain the safety that one expects from their environment.

Back in June of 2012, a man was arrested at his home for firing a “warning shot” from his gun when he was awakened by two men attempting to break into his home. A convolution of paradoxical laws led to his arrest for firing a gun within the city limits. Regardless of one’s views on the case itself, the matter may have been avoided altogether if the homeowner had had a home security system installed. Typically, when the alarms are activated by intruders, an alert is sent directly to the police station. In this case, it would have been advantageous for this to occur as the police would have arrived on the scene, thus preventing the need for any self-directed “warning shots”.

Even more worrisome, back in December of 2015, two Hispanic men were engaged in a home invasion that saw them wave handguns at a 73-year old woman and proceed to bound her hands and feet with duct tape. After stealing her credit card but failing to retrieve any money from the ATM machine, they dragged her out of her home and drove her to the bank to retrieve the money herself. Luckily, this heinous crime did not result in any sever physical injury to the woman but the entire incident may very well have been avoided had a home security system been installed and operating. As soon as the intruders entered the residence, police would have been notified and swift and effective action could have taken place, without anything happening to the elderly resident.

To help get the word out about the need and the usefulness for home security systems, Canary and State Farm joined forces to form the Protect The Protectors initiative. This program identifies first-responders and other public safety personnel and gives them free home security systems under the Canary brand. Over three hundred Mesquite-area DART employees including police officers, fare enforcement officers, and general staff were awarded with Canary home security systems. The systems are then connected to the employees mobile devices so that the home can be monitored while they are at work or otherwise not at home.

It’s not too hard to find a reliable company to install a security system when the decision is made to have one installed. Just a cursory search on the internet brings up five recommended companies right off the bat. These include:

  • ADT- 198 W Davis St, Mesquite (972) 332-3642
  • Security Custom Homes- 305 S Bryan Belt Line Rd, Mesquite (972) 329-9600
  • Bryant Security System- 740 Military Pkwy Ste C, Mesquite (972) 288-0863
  • Urban Fire Protection- 222 S Town East Blvd, Mesquite (972) 289-4887
  • Seyco- 4111 Us Highway 80 E Ste 101, Mesquite 75150 (972) 270-3600

To strengthen the security and safety that home systems bring, the official City of Mesquite website provides information on the Mesquite Neighborhood Crime Watch program. By using the website, one can find out which neighborhoods participate in the program. Any neighborhood that IS listed is most assuredly among the safest in the city.

The City of Mesquite Police Department, whose main location is 777 N. Galloway Ave. Mesquite, TX 75149 is conveniently located and has strong ties to both the general community and also to the aforementioned neighborhood watch program and frequently engage in efforts to strengthen those ties. Experts have said this is why while Mesquite has a higher than average property crime rate, its gang activity is remarkably low, especially considering that its close proximity to Dallas, which has a very high rate of gang activity, would lead one to believe otherwise.

Mesquite is a city that is certainly proud of its Texan heritage. Of course, this Texas pride also includes and explains its very high rate of gun ownership, legal or otherwise. However, Mesquite cannot afford to become too comfortable thinking that having a handgun is enough to protect the home. Nothing could be further from the truth. A high-quality home security system is still the best defense a home can have. Modern systems are able to remotely monitor the home no matter where the homeowner is at in the world. With a plethora of apps that support almost any system that is sold on the market, there is simply no excuse why a home should not have a security system in place. Not only do they keep the individual home more safe than a home without one, but it has been proven by both industry and independent studies that even a few homes that are equipped with systems, and that advertise that fact, can even help protect homes in the neighborhood that are not equipped with security systems.