ADT New Braunfels, Texas

Bigger In Texas

While several cities in the state of Texas boast much higher crime rates than the national average, New Braunfels is not one of them. While not especially low, it is about average in terms of property crimes committed. However, just as with virtually any city within the confines of the United States, crime does exist. Some of it more unusual than others.

Breakin’ Them In

In April of 2016, creative criminals decided to break into businesses the hard way. Instead of kicking in the front door, or even the back door for that matter, they devised an alternative route. The first store was a liquor store which was adjacent to an office that did not have a security system in place. So the enterprising hooligans broke into the office and then burrowed through the wall into the neighboring liquor store. While the booze haven was equipped with two sets of surveillance cameras, they were pointed only at the front door and the cash register. The second store broken into was a Bon Worth clothing store and the circumstances were strikingly similar. An unoccupied business unit that was next door to the clothier was broken into and the cretins made their way into the store via the bathroom. They made off with clothes from a back storage area and the cash register. Unfortunately, the only camera in place was pointed at the front door. Both of these crimes point out the fact that a total security system should be in place, not just a hodgepodge mix with no rhyme or reason. A simple motion sensor that sets off an alarm when activated would have easily alerted authorities to these nefarious deeds.

More Deadly

A far more sinister crime was captured outside of a New Braunfels residence as the homeowner was shot to death by an acquaintance. Fortunately for the man’s surviving family, they had an extensive security system in place and the incident was completely captured on surveillance camera. After releasing footage of the crime to the public, the killer was quickly captured and brought to justice. While this will not bring the deceased back, the family he left behind can again at least some small piece of satisfaction knwing that his killer is not still on the loose and is now serving life behind bars.

Stranger Danger

There were reported attempts at kidnapping back in January of 2016 that luckily were not successful. After flagging down motorists in a residential area, the suspect pulled out a gun and threatened the drivers of the vehicles with death if they did not continue to drive him to a secluded location. The crimes were odd in that no physical harm or assault occurred and nothing was stolen from the victims. All victims reported that the man seemed to become uneasy and requested to be let out of the car. However, the man who did these actions has not yet been found. If only there were some, or at least one, residence that had exterior security cameras installed, they may have very likely been able to provide more details and information on the man. For now, the people who live in the neighborhood can only take solace in the fact the crimes have not occurred again.

About The Police

One reason why the crime rate is of a moderate level in New Braunfels is the extensive presence of police in the city. They are known to have a very good working relationship with law-abiding citizens and have a website that is very user-friendly. Some of the features include a tool to file police reports online and an outstanding registration program for homeowners, renters, and business owners that utilize video surveillance cameras. By registering their cameras with the police department, officers involved in the investigation of a crime can locate and request permission to view any captured footage in attempts to solve the crime that has taken place. This is a very helpful and easy way in ensuring that none of the bad guys escape the long arm of the law. For more information about this registration program, you can contact the Criminal Investigations Division at (830) 221-4100. The actual New Braunfels Police Department is located at:

1488 S Seguin Ave New Braunfels, TX 78130 (830) 221-4100

They have various forms of online contact including:

The official New Braunfels Police Department website:





Local Security

In a city the size of New Braunfels and a state with the reputation of Texas, one would expect some pretty good security companies within the city limits. One would be correct in this notion. The local security big boys seem to be Alarm Automation with three different locations at:

1551 N Walnut Ave Ste 40, New Braunfels (830) 606-3819

800 W San Antonio St, New Braunfels (830) 606-3819

339 Main Plz, New Braunfels (830) 606-3819

There is also another local favorite by the name of A & DT Alarm Home Security Monitoring, who can be found at:

130 Trade Center Dr, New Braunfels (830) 730-5167 

Texas is a beautiful state on its own and one of its shining jewels is the City of New Braunfels. With such aspects as a positive attitude towards home security and a forward-thinking police force with a modern presence among the citizens it is sworn to protect and to serve, it would make a great home for anyone thinking about moving there.