ADT O’Fallon, Missouri

Crime Information In One Of The Best Places To Live

The city of O’Fallon, Missouri is located a few miles west of the city of St. Louis in St. Charles County. O’Fallon is home to a little over 84,000 people and it has the distinction of being the seventh largest city in the entire state. Although this city has been consistently named as one of the best 100 places to live, according to Money Magazine, it still has its share of crime. Home break-ins occur in every city across the United States and that’s why every person must take measures to keep from being a victim in their own home. Read the important information below to learn about crime statistics and actual crimes that have recently been committed in the city of O’Fallon.

Recent Theft Crimes

The average home value in O’Fallon is $205,997 and some of the houses in this Missouri city are among the most costly in the state. Thieves often target pricey homes because they presume there’s a bigger bounty inside. Just recently before the holiday season, as reported by KMOV 4, thieves took yard decorations from numerous O’Fallon homes in several subdivisions. Many residents had laser light projectors and inflatable decorations stolen. Thanks to home surveillance cameras in the area, the police have videos of the suspected getaway car. A few months earlier, KSDK reported that three suspects, one female and two males, were arrested soon after breaking into an O’Fallon home. The three suspects entered the house through a door in the garage that was open. While the family slept in upstairs rooms, the thieves took numerous items from the first floor of the home before leaving. Two of the suspects were charged with stealing between $500 and $25,000 worth of property from the home. The third suspect was charged with receiving stolen goods. Families who are robbed while they’re inside their house sleeping often feel very vulnerable and unsafe inside their own homes after a crime is committed against them.

Crime Rate Statistics

Areas of O’Fallon that have the highest crime rates include Route 79/North Main Street, Mexico Road/Turtle Creek Drive and Route DD/U.S. Route 40. The neighborhoods in O’Fallon that are the safest from crime include Route P/Mette Road, Birdie Hills Road/Oak Ridge West Drive and Little Oaks Drive/Twin Chimneys Boulevard. According to Neighborhood Scout, the crime index of this city is 59. This number means that this city ranks safer than 59 percent of all the cities in the United States. The Area Vibes website reports that per 100,000 people, the average annual crime rate in O’Fallon is as follows: Robbery – 8.2Burglary – 110.5Theft – 1055.7Property Crime – 1196 While robbery, burglary and theft all sound similar, there are differences according to the law. Theft, which may also be called larceny, is the act of taking someone else’s property without ever planning on giving it back. A robbery is also taking someone’s property with the idea of keeping it, but a robbery is performed using force or fear during the act. When a burglary occurs, the perpetrator does not even have to steal any property. A burglary is committed when someone enters a structure unlawfully with the purpose of committing a crime.

Protection From Crime

A robbery, burglary or a theft can all occur in the home or on the property of O’Fallon residents. Many homeowners of this city have taken steps to protect themselves and their possessions by installing an alarm or a home security system. Surveillance cameras are commonly placed on the outside of the home to catch criminal activity on the property. If a theft or another crime occurs, local police can often catch the criminal by viewing the recording on the home surveillance camera. In addition to viewing the perpetrator in action, police officers can often see the type of vehicle the thief is driving. Depending on the type of surveillance camera that’s being used, the appearance and features of the suspect may also be plainly visible on the camera. Homeowners who have an alarm system set up inside their house have the utmost protection against criminal activity in the home. When sensors are installed on the doors and windows, the alarm emits a shrieking sound that will more than likely scare the daylights out of a criminal. In addition, the security system is monitored 24 hours a day and any activity that sets off the alarm system is instantly transmitted to the monitoring service company. Once the alarm is activated, the monitoring service company immediately contacts the local police. This type of home alarm system keeps O’Fallon residents safe inside their own homes. The O’Fallon police department is located at 100 North Main Street and their phone number is 636-240-3200. In the event of an emergency, residents should dial 911 to immediately speak with a dispatcher. Residents who don’t live near the police station can participate in a neighborhood watch program to help keep their homes and property safe. When a neighborhood watch is set up, homeowners look out for one another and they report to the police anything that appears suspicious. Homeowners can be on the lookout for strange vehicles in the area and people who aren’t normally seen in the neighborhood. This is especially important during hours of the day when many residents are away at work. By working together with neighbors and by installing a home security system, O’Fallon residents can reduce the crime rate in their city and remain one of the best places to live.