ADT Pawtucket, Rhode Island

What Does Where You Live Say About Needing a Security System?

Most people who live in a smaller city feel safer than they might in larger cities and may not worry as much about purchasing a security system for their home. However, even smaller cities like Pawtucket, with around 70,000 residents, do have crime. A homeowner might want to consider purchasing a security system for their home to ensure they’re not going to become the victim of a property crime and to help protect their home when they’re asleep or away.

Crime Rates Within the City

Property crime rates in Pawtucket are relatively high, with there being 6.27 burglaries per 1,000 people, 17.84 thefts, and 2.12 motor vehicle thefts. This means a person has a one in 38 chance of being the victim of a property crime. Overall, the city has only a 19 crime index, out of a possible 100, meaning 81% of cities in America are considered safer than Pawtucket. With a high number of crimes and a low number of residents, homeowners might want to consider at least a basic security system for their home no matter where they live within the city.

Crime Rates Near the Homeowner

Homeowners will want to be aware of which areas of the city are more prone to crime when they’re considering whether they should purchase a security system. The center parts of the city tend to have the most crime, while those living in the far west, far east, and northernmost parts of the city might live in a safer neighborhood. A homeowner should check their neighborhood to see where it lies in the city on a crime map to see how much crime is right around them to help with their decision to purchase a security system. This is easily done online and can give the homeowner a better idea of how likely they are to become a property crime victim.

Types of Crimes Near the Homeowner

Along with checking the crime rates near their home, a homeowner can use websites to check what types of crimes typically occur near their home. This gives them the chance to find out if there are more burglaries close to them, more vehicle thefts, or other types of crimes to determine both if they need a security system and, if so, what they should include in the security system. For example, if the crime near them is mostly vehicle thefts, it’s more important to have a security camera focusing on their vehicles than on their front door. If there are mostly burglaries, they might want to consider a monitored security system to ensure someone is always watching their home and able to contact the police as quickly as possible to try to catch the burglars in action.

What Can Reduce the Need for a Security System?

There are multiple things that can help reduce the need for a security system, although many homeowners will want to still purchase a security system to ensure their home is as protected as possible. This can include the area the homeowner lives in, the neighborhood watch program near them, and their proximity to the local police station. Neighborhood the Homeowner Lives In – As mentioned above, there are ways to check the exact neighborhood the homeowner lives in to see how likely it is they will become the victim of a crime. They’re going to want to check into this and, if they’re in a neighborhood more prone to crime, might want to learn more about security systems for their home. Neighborhood Watch Programs – Those who live in a neighborhood where there is a neighborhood watch program might not have as high of a need for a security system as the neighbors are all helping to watch over the homes in the area. Areas with a neighborhood watch tend to have a much lower rate of crime compared to areas without. Proximity to the Local Police Station – Living close to the police station means there’s a faster response time. These areas typically aren’t targeted as frequently by criminals because they know there is a higher chance of them being caught in the act. The local police station is located on Roosevelt Avenue, so homeowners close to here might be in a safer area compared to those who live further away.

Purchasing a Security System Just to be Safe

It’s often a good idea for a homeowner in a city like this to go ahead and purchase a security system even if they’re in an area with a neighborhood watch and even if they live close to the police station. They’re going to want to make sure their home is as safe as possible whether they’re home or away. They can choose a do-it-yourself security system with IP cameras that can alert them to any movement or they can choose from a monitored security system from a local company so there is always someone monitoring the system in the event of a crime occurring. Either way, they’ll be taking the steps they need to ensure their home is as safe as possible and to ensure they don’t become the victim of a property crime. If you live in the Pawtucket area, there are some things that may impact your decision to purchase a home security system. However, no matter if you go with a do-it-yourself system or if you’re going to choose a monitored system, it never hurts to install a security system to have a little extra protection for your home. Take a look at your options today to learn more about finding the right security system to protect your home.