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Importance of Home Security in Plano, TX & Tips to Prevent an Invasion

Security would be obsolete in a perfect world, but that is simply not the case. The residents of Plano, Texas need to consider the safety of their homes. It is important to know the dangers people are exposed to and how to prevent them.

The Dangers Plano Homeowners Face

The chances of a person becoming a victim of a crime in Plano are definitely a lot less than the rest of Texas. Still, there are approximately 459 violent crimes and 5,486 property-related crimes each year. In fact, a person was killed during a home invasion robbery this past September.

Residents may not want to admit it, but they are in danger at all times, which makes home security a must.

Police Department’s Response Time and What That Means

There is no doubt that people will normally turn to the police department when they need help. People expect to be helped as soon as possible should there be a home invasion.

The police department in Plano, Texas is known for excellence, and the satisfaction rate is quite high compared to other departments around Texas, but that does not mean that everything is honky-dory. The fact is that the average response time of a Plano cop is a little over seven minutes. This is a relatively fast response time, but a lot could happen in those few minutes.

Home invasions happen rather quickly. This might not be what a homeowner wants to hear, but a burglar could actually open a garage door in six seconds. The garage door is somewhat complicated, meaning that other entry points should be considerably easier for a home invader.

Citizens of Plano, Texas should also take other things into account. For example, it might take a while for the victim of a home invasion to call for help. Remember that some people are heavy sleepers, or the invaders might be quiet enough to not disturb the homeowner. This means that the victims may not even get a chance to call for help.

To put it plainly, there are too many factors that can put homeowners at risk. This is partly the reason why many savvy home owners are turning to an effective home security system that helps ensure that the police department is notified of an invasion immediately; victims have no time to spare.

What can Homeowners do to Prevent Home Invasions?

A homeowner is not as powerless as he or she might think. There are a number of things that could be done to ensure that a burglar passes on a particular home. Of course, one of the most effective tools is installing an effective home security system, but there are some additional steps that could be taken.

A dog is naturally territorial, and a trained dog could definitely help make a home a safer place for a family.

A homeowner might want to cut down bushes or vines that are close to entrances. These bushes or vines could serve as camouflage for a home invader to hide while he or she attempts to break into the house. The key is to make sure that homeowners are able to see what is going on around their homes at all times.

Getting cozy with neighbors might be a great idea. Neighbors that feel connected are more likely to call the police if suspicious behavior is noticed. It is important that a homeowner lets trusted neighbors know that he or she is leaving town and that no one will be home.

Installing motion sensor lights might be helpful, especially if a burglar is attempting to break in at night. The light might spook off a burglar without the invasion even occurring.

Keeping the radio or television on while everyone is asleep might be a good idea. Noise might persuade a home invader to think that someone is awake. Most burglars do not want to deal with any problems when they burglarize a home. If someone is awake, this could be a problem for the burglar, meaning they might skip a home that emits a little noise.

Having the Plano, Texas Police Department check out a home might help prevent a break in. Most police departments offer a free home evaluation. This usually means that a cop will come and help assess a home and offer suggestions to burglar-proof the property. This could be as simple as changing the locks to enforcing the windows with wood.

Of course, these are just some suggestions, but there is more that can be done to burglar-proof a home.

Installing a Home Security System

One of the most important tools is the home security system. The system has to be efficient, and the FBI does state that a home with a good system is three times less likely to be a victim of a home invasion.

Homeowners do have to invest a significant amount of money on a good security system, but this has to be weighted against what is at risk. This includes the safety of children and other family members. It also includes valuables that might be in the house.

Installing a home security system protects homes and gives homeowners much needed peace of mind.

There are a number of things that need to be considered before settling with a particular home security company, like the following:

— Be sure that the home security company has positive reviews.
— Check to make sure that the company has the proper credentials.
— The security system needs to be installed by experienced professionals to ensure its integrity.

It is okay to ask the home security company that you are considering some questions. Don’t be shy. Clearly, homeowners have the power to take control of the safety of their homes with the right questions. They can also take the right actions to prevent an invasion.