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Which Type of Security System Do You Really Need?
Regardless of how safe you think your neighborhood is, it’s likely at least one home on the block has been targeted by a burglar. Generally, burglars target homes that are unoccupied but it’s certainly possible that they could enter a home where a child is home sick from school or a quiet relative is visiting. Without a security system in place, no one knows what could happen if a criminal gets into the house. In many cases, all it takes to deter a would-be burglar is a clear sign that the home is being monitored and they will be quickly apprehended if they attempt to break into it. Homeowners and even renters have a few options when it comes to home security. Knowing the pros and cons of each option can help a family stay safe without spending more money than necessary. Alarm systems range from very basic alarm that merely emits a loud sound when a home is compromised to a wireless alarm and security camera system that is both monitored by a security company and streamed through a secure connection to the customer so you can monitor your own home while you are away. Local Alarm This is the least expensive option and honestly, the least reliable. The loud noise will definitely wake you up if someone tries to get into your home while you are sleeping but since most burglaries happen during the day while people are at work, it might not be very effective. These systems are prone to false alarms, especially when the family is getting used to having the system in place. If it goes off too much, it’s only going to annoy the neighbors who you’ll need to count on to notify the police if you have a break in when you aren’t there. Fortunately, there’s no reason to settle for this type of security system when other options are available. If you think you can’t afford a more advanced system, talk to your insurance agent to find out if you qualify for a discount on your annual premium just for installing a monitored system. Basic Monitored Alarm System A monitored alarm system is more secure than a local alarm. It won’t make a lot of noise. In fact, these systems are generally silent. When one of the contacts placed on a door or window is broken, the system alerts the monitoring center, who then contacts law enforcement. One feature most of these systems has is a yard sign and window stickers that deter criminals from attempting to enter the house. The burglars who break in homes with basic monitoring systems are likely to be caught because the monitoring company alerts the police immediately. Monitored Security Camera Alarm System Sometimes basic monitoring just isn’t enough. Getting a call from the monitoring center when you are at work or even out of town can be incredibly stressful if you have no way of knowing what’s going on at your house. A security camera system can solve that problem. With this type of system, you’ll be able to see inside your home from anywhere you have Internet access. Companies that offer these systems typically allow customers to stream a feed from their home cameras to a desktop computer or through an app on their phone. Although this is the most expensive type of system, it is also the most reliable and offers the most peace of mind to consumers. In addition to detecting a burglary, cameras have a few other positive aspects. They are a very valuable tool for law enforcement if there is ever a break in. The recordings can be used to identify, apprehend and prosecute the burglar and could even help a burglary victim itemize the property they lost in order to make an accurate insurance claim. While they might be put in place for security, parents can also use the cameras to monitor their children when they are home alone. The camera at the door will ensure no unauthorized guests enter the home while the parents aren’t there. The type of security system you use to protect your home will determine how much control you have over it. Some systems allow customers to control their lights and electronics remotely so it appears they are home when they aren’t. This feature is perfect for you if you live in a high-crime neighborhood or if there has been a rash of burglaries on your street lately. Tricking would-be criminals into thinking there is someone inside your house is likely to send them looking for an easier target. A single break-in can result in thousands of dollars in damage and lost property. While insurance may cover all or a portion of the value of the property, you’ll still need to pay a deductible and risk an increase with your next renewal. It’s far better to deter criminals than deal with the aftermath of a burglary. There are several things you can do to protect your belongings as well as feel safe in your home. Installing a security system is just one of the steps to deterring burglars and keeping the residents of your home safe. Removing excess shrubbery, installing security lighting and putting in strong locks are all ways homeowners have made their houses more secure. Installing the best security system you can afford will ensure you’ve done everything you can to keep burglars out of your home and minimize the likelihood you’ll have to deal with the expensive cleanup process following a burglary.