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Why You Should Look Into Security Cameras Today for Your Home
There is an average of 4,800 home invasions each day in the United States. Most of these happened during the day, from around 10am to 3pm, while the homeowner was presumed to be at work. In 28% of these, the homeowner was home. Studies have shown that there are ways to prevent a break-in, with one of the top methods being to purchase and use home surveillance cameras. Homeowners who are interested in protecting their home from a home invasion will want to consider purchasing their own cameras for a variety of reasons. Outdoor Surveillance Cameras Can Prevent a Burglary In a recent study, an overwhelming number of convicted burglars stated they would avoid homes that had security cameras in an effort to avoid being caught. Simply having the security cameras where they can be noticed or having a sign stating there are surveillance cameras on the property can significantly reduce the chance that a home will be broken into. To provide the most protection for the home and to have the highest chance of preventing a burglary, the homeowner will want to have a camera that’s clearly visible by each entrance to their home. It’s now Less Expensive to Purchase Surveillance Cameras Previously, it was expensive for a person to purchase cameras for their home. The only option was ones through their security system or a DVR setup that could easily be a few hundred dollars for the basic model with few added features. Now, however, a person can get a far more advanced DVR for the same price or purchase IP cameras individually for around $100 to $200 dollars each. They’re less expensive than the cameras in the past and, if they choose to use IP cameras, the person can purchase one or two and then add to their system down the line, making it much more affordable for them to add cameras to the entire home. It’s Easier to Setup the Surveillance Cameras DVR systems aren’t as complicated as they used to be, with many of them being as close to plug in and play as they can. IP cameras are also incredibly easy to set up as the person simply needs to connect the camera to their wireless account and then install it wherever they want it. If they choose a stationary camera, they’ll need to be sure they check the view to ensure it monitors the area the want it to monitor. They’ll also want to download the app on their phone which will allow them to view the camera anywhere. A Person Can Monitor Their Own Cameras to Save Money When the person chooses to purchase IP cameras, they can easily monitor their home on their own instead of having a security company do it for them. The person can set up the camera to detect any motion within its view and then send the person a photograph or a short video clip of the motion. If it’s someone breaking into the home, the homeowner can contact law enforcement and let them know about the break-in. This can help the homeowner save a significant amount of money over time as they can monitor the cameras on their own instead of paying a company to do it for them every month. A Person Can Always Know What’s Going on at Their Home A person can take the time to check out what the cameras see whenever they’d like. They can also receive alerts from IP cameras set up to detect motion, which means they’ll always know when there’s something or someone near the home. The homeowner can constantly keep an eye on their home and know the second the pizza delivery person arrives, a package is dropped off, the kids get home from school, and more. They’re not just meant for protecting the home from a home invasion, but for helping the homeowner know what’s going on at their home all the time. With this, however, they can also be alerted when they’re not home and, if they see someone they don’t know getting into their home, they can contact law enforcement for help. Indoor and Outdoor Surveillance Cameras Can Help Catch the Burglar Although a majoroity of burglars stated they will move on to another home if they see cameras in place, there are some that were willing to break into the home anyways. If this happens, however, the surveillance cameras might be able to get a good photo or video of the burglar that can be given to the police. This lets the police know who broke into the home and helps them catch the person much faster. In fact, most burglaries go unsolved. But, with a surveillance camera in place, law enforcement will know who to look for and will have a much higher chance of catching the person who broke into the home. Surveillance Cameras Can be an Important Part of a Smart Home A homeowner might purchase locks they can lock or unlock from their smartphone, lights they can turn on and off using an app, and more. The surveillance cameras can be an important part of this system and can help the homeowner to check who is at their home when they’re not able to be there. If the doors are locked and it’s a family member arriving early, they’ll be able to see the family member, turn on the lights inside the home, and unlock the door to invite them in so they don’t have to wait outside. Take the chance now to start protecting your home to ensure you aren’t a victim of a home invasion. Start looking at the home surveillance cameras you can purchase today to learn more about what your options are and what’s going to help you prevent a home invasion in your home. One simple action can help you prevent a burglary, so it’s worth it to take that step now.