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How Break-ins Often Occur
Children often feel safe in their homes. Even as teenagers, they may haphazardly leave a door unlocked during a bright and sunny afternoon. However, when these youngers transmute into adults, they begin to grow more concerned about home security. Some even develop a sense of paranoia and cannot feel safe even in their own homes. Stories on the media tell of violent break-ins and robberies in the area, and worries continue to increase. While no place is 100 percent inviolable from crime, residents can take steps to make their homes safe. One of the ways to do so involves thinking like a criminal. Homeowners and renters alike must determine how a criminal might approach a break-in. When unscrupulous individuals want to enter a home and harm the inhabitants or steal items, they have to first find a way in. Knowing some of the common methods that these people use can help good people protect against them. 1. The Front Door Surprisingly enough, many criminals enter through the front door. In some neighborhoods, residents have developed a false sense of security. They think they do not have to lock the door if they are just running up to the corner store, or they may leave the door unlocked and the screen open while they go about their daily business at home. These attitudes are not totally uncommon, and criminals are aware of that. Ill-intentioned individuals may simply walk down a block during the middle of the day, trying each door until they find one that is unlocked. Others will go to the extent to kick in a door, which is why having deadbolts is so important. A deadbolt lock can, when kicked in a certain way, can hurt the person attempting to get in. 2. Additional Doors Once residents have determined that criminals may try to enter through the front door, they are already aware that you know this information. Therefore, they must make sure that additional doors are secured in the same way. Having multiple locks, including a deadbolt, on each door is wise. Furthermore, installing an alarm system on each door is a smart decision. By doing so, people living in the house can know right away if one of the entrances has been breached. If certain doors are not used often, residents may even want to think about having construction in to put up a wall or putting additional locks on the doors. 3. Windows On a beautiful and breezy day, plenty of people like to leave their windows open to get in some fresh air. However, if criminals sees opened windows, they may immediately feel temptation. An open window is easy for a person to get through in a short period of time. While that doesn’t mean residents have to permanently avoid opening their windows, they should consider the time at which they do so. For example, they may want to only open windows when they are on the floor where the windows are with other people. Leaving them open when away from the house is certainly a poor decision. Even if windows are closed, criminals may try to break in. That is why having locks and alarms on each window is important. Placing bars on windows is another step to take, especially for basement windows. 4. Attached Garages While attached garages offer simplicity and ease for homeowners, they can prove dangerous. Criminals may easily break into the garbage and hide there until the owners return home. Not only do they have access to the house, but they may lie waiting to attack the owners and force themselves into the house. They may also stay there until the owners wake up in the morning and prey on them once they go to get their cars. Furthermore, criminals may think that the doors that lead into the house are not as secure as other ones; therefore, they attempt to break in that way. Even if the criminals do not decide to attempt entry into the house, they may still steal and damage items that are in the garage. 5. Following People Home Some victims, whether they are chosen as targets before the crime or not, are followed home. They get out of their cars, not knowing that anyone is watching them. Then, however, a criminal comes out from behind and uses a weapon to force people into their own homes. Once inside, they may rob the house and hurt people in there. Individuals should make sure they are aware of their surroundings when they get out of their cars and when they put the keys in the doors. Choosing a home security monitoring system is a wise decision for a number of reasons, and this one is one of them. Criminals are often looking for easy targets, though that is not always the case. However, if it is, a sign noting that a camera is watching the property might scare them away. People who want to break into houses and steal items or hurt the residents often find a number of ways to do so. Trying to stay ahead of them is important, and one of the ways to do that is make sure that all entrances to the house are secure. Furthermore, people must remain aware of their surroundings. They can also go to an additional level and install a security system. A security system can help to ward off criminals and to contact the right authorities in the event of an emergency. Home security monitoring can help to catch criminals, by blasting their photos and videos on various media outlets.