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A Security Camera System Can Add To Home Security And Safety
More and more homeowners are considering purchasing some type of home security equipment for home protection. The news channels and other venues are full of crime reports from all over the United States. The uptick in drug use leads to more property crimes as people addicted to drugs steal to get money for more drugs. Even in low crime towns and neighborhoods, residents worry about home security. There are many ways to make the home more secure both inside and outside. The homeowner needs to take a variety of security measures to keep the home secure. Measures To Achieve Home Security It is no longer safe to leave doors unlocked and rely on the neighborhood being safe. There are many steps homeowners can take to make their homes more secure. Some security measures are expensive, some cost very little. There are steps to make the home safer to start with and then add to as available money and need increases. Get to know all of the neighbors. When people know each other, they notice when things around a neighbor’s home are not right such as a stranger lurking around the house or yard. Neighbors take in each other’s mail and newspapers when one is gone. They can call the police if they feel something is wrong.Install good quality door locks and window locks and use them to make it more difficult for burglars to enter the home. Good locks are only as good as the family’s willingness to consistently use them.Make sure the house is visible from the street by having trees and shrubbery trimmed. Eliminate outdoor hiding places such as overgrown plants and large objects.Install outdoor lighting to cover the whole yard and house. Have lights by the front door and garage to make coming home after dark safer.If the homeowner likes dogs, get a dog with a good bark. Watchdogs don’t have to be large or vicious, they just have to bark when they sense an intruder near the home. Criminals will often bypass a home with a barking dog if there are homes nearby without dogs. But, some burglars are desperate enough to silence the dog and rob the house.An alarm system or a home camera system is the next level of security. A loud alarm sounding when a door or window is tampered with will scare a lot of burglars away. Visible security cameras will deter others. Though a certain number of criminals will break into a home to rob it no matter what protection is used, most will choose unprotected homes if they have a choice.A home camera system will record criminals in the act of robbing the home so police can identify and arrest them. The camera footage may even be used in court to help convict them. Security Systems For Home Use When the homeowner decides that it is necessary to purchase a home security system, there are many types of protection to choose from. The homeowner can get security systems for as little as $50.00 or spend hundreds of dollars plus a monthly monitoring fee with a local security company. Some systems are designed for the DIY homeowner and some are entirely furnished, installed, and monitored by a security company. Some homeowners choose to purchase realistic fake security cameras to install in prominent places on the exterior and interior of the building with security company warning signs on the doors. Burglars can often tell the fake cameras by the lack of two wires or red lights instead of green ones. Fake cameras are better than no cameras but they have limited effectiveness. Also, they do not record criminal activity when it happens. Fake cameras can give the homeowner a false sense of security. The best use of fake security cameras is to add to real security cameras as a decoy or to imply more thorough home coverage. Another problem with fake cameras is insurance coverage. If the homeowner gets a break in premiums for security cameras and uses fake ones, the insurance company may disallow a burglary claim. For the seriously budget conscious, there are real security systems for around $50.00 There are home surveillance gadgets that contain tiny cameras and attach with velcro to any surface in a home. They look like a Bluetooth and can record on motion for up to two hours. They only record if someone is there moving about. There are also tiny wired cameras that don’t need batteries. There are video doorbells and wall hooks containing cameras that record both video and audio. The homeowner attaches the camera to their computer or television to play back security footage. Another inexpensive alternative is the fake smoke alarm containing a small camera. They have motion detectors and operate on batteries that last 8 hours. These only record what happens. For those who want more protection and are willing to pay for it, there are full alarm systems with a home camera system, alarms that sound in the home and are monitored off-site, and other equipment. A system with an alarm that goes to a monitoring station that contacts police, can stop criminals before they can do any harm. These systems cost more but offer a higher level of protection. The customer purchases the equipment and then pays a monthly fee to the security company for off-site monitoring. There are systems who rely on the homeowner to monitor the equipment on a smartphone or computer. The homeowner should investigate the options before purchasing a system. For more information, please visit the website.