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Make Sure Your Security System Cameras are Actually Secure
Recent news articles have shown homeowners what can happen if surveillance cameras aren’t installed properly. Homeowners have read about people who have found out that someone was connected to their security system and watching them come and go from their home, watching what happens inside their child’s bedroom, and even trying to talk to their children after the kids are in bed. For a homeowner or parent, this can be incredibly scary and often defeats the purpose of having a security system. Their home isn’t really secure if another person can easily access the cameras and view what’s happening at the home. However, there is a way for the homeowner to ensure their cameras are actually secure and that no one can access them. Why Does This Happen? Security cameras are designed to be relatively easy to install, especially the wireless ones created for homeowners who want to create their own security system. This means they come with a standard username and password. If the homeowner doesn’t take the steps to change this, it’s easy for anyone to find the camera, log in, and see what’s happening inside or around the home, depending on where the cameras are located. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize this and aren’t aware of a way to prevent it. This means there could be someone watching to find out when they come and go from the home without them being aware. What’s the Username and Password for the Camera? In the standard camera security system, the username is going to be “admin” and the password will either be “admin” or “password,” although there are a few more that are frequently used. These are standard and just a couple of guesses can let the person figure out what it is if they don’t have the paperwork for the cameras anymore. The username and password are standard to make it easier to produce the cameras and to make it easier to give the purchaser instructions on how to set up all of their cameras. Typically, if a thief can determine the company that makes the camera, they’ll know what the username and password are that come with the cameras. Even if they can’t tell what kind it is, however, just a few guesses will let them figure it out. What Can Be Done About This? A homeowner will want to take the time to learn more about how to change the username and password for their cameras. This is typically easy to do using the computer software that allows the person to view the cameras. They’ll want to be sure to choose a username that they’ll remember easily and a password that is unique so it’s difficult to guess it. It’s often a good idea to use a combination of capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols when allowed to ensure the password is as difficult as possible to guess. It should not be the same username and password they use online for anything else. If the homeowner isn’t sure how to change the username and password, they should review the information that came with the camera or contact the manufacturer for step-by-step instructions to help them. Does Changing the Username and Password Really Secure the Camera? Yes. When the purchaser keeps the original username and password, it’s easy for anyone to guess what it is. Potential thieves, for example, often know what the username and password are for the most common systems in their area and will give them a try to see if they can turn off the cameras or to watch the home to find out when the occupants will likely be gone for the day. When the homeowner changes the password, the thieves cannot access the cameras any longer. They won’t be able to use them to determine when the homeowners are gone or to turn off the cameras so they won’t be caught. What Else Can a Homeowner Do? A homeowner will also want to make sure their internet connection is secure. Even if they change the username and password for the camera, a thief may be able to turn the cameras off by connecting to the homeowner’s wireless internet and accessing their modem or router. They should ensure they are not using the standard username or password for their internet service provider. The internet service provider should be able to walk them through how to change the username and password so it’s not the standard one used to setup the internet at a home. The homeowner should also make sure they do not share the username and password with anyone they don’t want to access the cameras. It’s a good idea to not share the password with anyone to avoid any issues with unauthorized access of the cameras. They should avoid writing down the username and password to ensure it cannot be found by anyone and used to access the cameras without the homeowner’s permission or knowledge. Take the time to make sure your cameras are really secure today. If you haven’t changed the username and password for your cameras, make sure you do this right away. Making sure the cameras are secure and cannot be accessed by anyone other than you is an essential part of having a camera security system, and one you should be aware of to ensure your home is protected. You’ve already purchased surveillance cameras for your home, make sure they’re doing what they can to protect your home and not letting anyone else view the information on them.