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Is It A Good Idea To Save Money By Using A Fake Security System?
Security for homes is becoming a major consideration for many people. Theft and vandalism cause millions of dollars in losses every year for homeowners. Police forces can be overwhelmed with the number of robberies and thefts to investigate and may only solve a fraction of them. When the victims have security camera footage of the thieves, it is much easier for the police to identify and arrest the guilty parties. Visible security cameras and warnings on the entrances of homes about security systems act as a deterrent for a certain percentage of criminals. But, these systems can be costly to install and maintain. Some Basic Security Measures For Homes Not every homeowner can afford, or even wants, a home security system, but they still must worry about home security. There are some common sense security measures to consider. Keep the home secure by having and using good quality locks on all doors and windows. Don’t leave the garage door open. When the homeowner is gone or in the back yard, make sure all doors are closed and locked.Trim trees and shrubberies so the house is visible from the street so hiding places for criminals are reduced.Consider purchasing a dog. It does not have to be large or vicious. A beware of dog sign and the dog’s barking will deter many thieves.Be on good terms with the neighbors. Neighbors can tell when a stranger is prowling around the neighborhood, report them, and warn others.Don’t let mail or newspapers pile up by the front door. When the homeowner will be gone, have the mail and papers stopped or have a neighbor pick them up.Don’t announce family trips or nights out on social media. It is like announcing “I am not home, come rob me.”Purchase a gun and take gun safety and operation classes. Guns should only be an option for those who will be comfortable using them.Give in and purchase a real or fake security system with real or fake security cameras. Security System Benefits Whether a homeowner purchases a security system depends on several factors. How safe is the homeowner’s neighborhood?How many thefts have been reported near the homeowner’s neighborhood?Has there been a theft or attempted break-in at the homeowner’s house?Are crime rates going up in the city or town the home is located in? If the homeowner is worried about thefts and break-ins, it is time to consider safety and security options such as security systems. Security measures can be purchased from as little as $50.00 all the way to several thousand dollars. Then there is the expense of off-site monitoring services. Many new wireless security systems can be monitored by the homeowner on a smartphone. Home security systems have many advantages to consider. The warning signs placed on all entrances deter some criminals.Visible security cameras will deter more criminals and will record the criminals in the act so the police can catch and prosecute them.Security systems that have motion sensors and other security measures can alert the homeowner to attempted break-ins so they can call the police for help.Systems that are remotely monitored allow the home to be protected when the homeowner is gone.Security systems can be wired into the home’s electrical system or can be wireless.Security systems can be homeowner installed or, if that isn’t possible, the security company technicians can do the job. The homeowner can choose the level of protection and the cost of the security system from the many models that are available on the market. Some homeowners want security cameras hidden, while others want the cameras to be very visible both outside and inside the home as a deterrent to thieves. There are cameras that are hidden in smoke detectors, coat hooks, stuffed animals, and other items. Some people choose to have some visible and some hidden cameras to be sure to catch thieves in the act. What About Fake Security Cameras? Because setting up real security systems can be expensive and hard to maintain, some homeowners choose fake systems. Families with children may have difficulty getting everyone to arm the real system and remember the security codes for disarming the system. There are homeowners who have real systems that are not engaged all the time. Perhaps they engage them after everyone is home for the night or when the family is gone on a trip. Since the visible parts of the system such as the warning signs at doorways and security cameras serve as a deterrent to criminals, some homeowners are choosing to use fake security cameras in visible places. These cameras have some benefits. The fake security cameras can be installed easily by most homeowners with a few household tools.The fake security looks remarkably like the real thing and will fool most criminals.The cost saving is substantial. Fake cameras can be as little as $10 to $30 each compared to hundreds for real ones.Fake cameras do not require the storage of information or the monitoring services.These cameras can be effective in lower crime areas. Petty criminals want easy, safe targets and will go on to homes with no cameras. There are disadvantages to using fake cameras and security systems. These cameras have a deterrent effect but do not record actual thefts.Criminals can find out from neighbors, former workmen, or others that the system is fake and then it loses all value.There is a certain percentage of criminals who will commit crimes in spite of security systems. There are homeowners who get a basic security system they can afford, then supplement it with additional fake security cameras. When doing this, the homeowner should choose fake cameras that closely resemble the real ones. It’s also important to not use too many non-working cameras. For more information on security systems, visit the website.