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8 Steps to Ensure Your Home is Secure and Protected From a Burglary
No matter how large or small the home is, and no matter what’s inside of the home, there’s a chance it could be broken into by a thief hoping to find something of value. Homeowners are going to want to take the time to protect their home and to reduce the chance of a break-in occurring. There is actually quite a bit the homeowner can do to help ensure their home is as secure as possible no matter if they’re home or not. Below are eight steps a homeowner should take to ensure their home is protected all of the time. Check the Locks on the Front Door The locks on the front door, as well as the back door, need to be secured. The most basic locks can easily be picked. If the home doesn’t have deadbolts, it can be possible for the thief to easily open the door and get inside. Install deadbolts and look into the smart locks today to make it harder for a person to get inside your home. Figure Out if Anyone Might Have a Key to the Home When a homeowner moves into a previously owned home, there’s no telling who might have a key. The old homeowner could have given a key to the neighbor to watch the home while they’re away, the babysitter, their family members, and more. Even if the new homeowner believes they have all of the keys, it’s still best to go ahead and replace the locks or have them rekeyed. This way, the new homeowner will know no one has a key to their home. Check the Locks on the Windows Windows need to be locked just like doors. If the windows don’t have locks or the locks are no longer functional, the homeowner will want to look into new locks for the windows. In some cases, this will be something the homeowner can do on their own. If they can’t do it on their own or would prefer for it to be done properly by a professional, a window company will be able to help. Check the View of the Windows From the Street If the homeowner is standing by the street or a neighbor’s house, can they see the bottom of the windows? If the answer is no, they need to trim the bushes under the windows. A window that is at least partially blocked by a bush makes it easier for a thief to remain hidden and have the time they need to break through the locks on the windows and climb in. Check into the Costs of a Monitored Security System Some homeowners will want to look into the cost of a monitored security system. These systems typically include detectors for the doors as well as a motion detector inside the home. When the homeowner turns on the alarm, any doors that open or movement inside the home will send an alert to the monitoring company who can call the police for the homeowner to try to catch a thief in the act. Check into the Cost of Adding Cameras to the Home Homeowners will also want to look into adding a surveillance camera system for their home. Most burglars will avoid a home that has security cameras on it. If they ignore the security cameras, the cameras will get a photo or video of the thief, making it easier for the police to find them and more likely the person will be caught. Cameras can range from basic, inexpensive models to far more expensive but fully-featured models, so there are cameras to fit any homeowner’s budget. Check Out Smart Lights for the Home Thieves can easily tell when a homeowner is gone on vacation if the lights in the home are exactly the same day and night for multiple days. A homeowner can look into a variety of options for the home, such as timers to turn lights on and off. Now, there are smart lights for the home that can be controlled by the homeowner from their smartphone. This makes it easy for them to change the lights while they’re gone without having to remember to turn on the timer. Check the Exterior Lights to Ensure they Work Properly The homeowner will want to check the exterior lights periodically to ensure they’re working properly. They will want to make sure the lights are bright enough they can see who is approaching the home and, if they have motion detection lights, ensure they come on when motion is detected. Bright lights on the porch can discourage a thief who is looking to break into a home at night. If any lights are not working properly or the bulbs are dim, the lights or bulbs should be replaced immediately to help illuminate the entryway and yard when necessary. These are just a few of the steps a homeowner can take to check the security of their property and learn what they can do to make their home more secure. If you’d like to reduce the chance of your home being burglarized, the top things to do will be to check the locks on the doors and windows and invest in a surveillance camera system to watch the entire home. These steps alone will reduce the risk a burglar will consider your home and make it more difficult for them to get inside. Take the time to check around your home today to ensure it’s as secure as possible so you can feel more at ease when you’re away.