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Rochester is a Homeowner’s Paradise, but Something is Lurking in the Shadows

Homeowners or would-be homeowners are looking for a place to call home. Ideally, this place will provide people with a life that was coveted in their younger years. Rochester, Minnesota topped Livability’s list of the 100 Best Places to Live in the United States, which explains the growth in population and homeowners. Clearly, this city represents what some homeowners are looking for, like a place where they can buy a house that will not be a target for criminals bent on burglarizing. Sadly, this is a sad truth that many homeowners have to deal with, especially now.

Rotting Beneath the Surface

There is a lot to be proud of regarding Rochester. The city has several arts districts that keep people visiting. Rochester also hosts the “Thursdays on the First” event each month, which is where small business owners and artists use the First Avenue street to sell or perform. It is a wildly entertaining event that many residents in Rochester love. It is also one of the reasons why people say that Rochester is becoming one of the best places for millennials to live.

There is always two sides to every story, and Rochester is hiding a growing problem in its underbelly. The problem that many homeowners and residents have to worry about is methamphetamine, which is a very powerful drug that is highly addictive. Several cities in Minnesota have had to deal with this problem in different ways. Police have been successful in cracking down on meth labs in the state, but police attribute this win to the fact that this drug is becoming increasingly affordable. People do not need to make the drug themselves anymore. Since the drug is more affordable, cops have noticed that more people are becoming addicted to it, which is having dangerous effects on the safety of residents and homeowners throughout Minnesota.

Police officers have linked the rise of burglaries and property theft to methamphetamine addiction. It is very hard for a meth addict to maintain a self-sustaining lifestyle when he or she is addicted to this drug. Most addicts lose their jobs, yet their addiction continues to grow. This is the reason why many addicts turn to crime, and it is the reason why homeowners need to make sure their homes are secure with something like a home security system.

What can Homeowner’s do to Stay Safe?

There are several safety tips homeowners should consider to ensure that their homes do not become a target for meth addicts and burglars in general.

Know What to Hide

It is not uncommon for a burglar to have a job that allows him or her to gain access to homes. This could be construction, plumbing, or other service jobs. There is no way to know if someone has ill-intentions, but homeowners can make sure that their homes do not look appealing to a burglar.

Hide belongings that can be easily sold on the street, which is what meth addicts are looking for when they gain access to a house. The following are some examples:
– Electronics, like smartphones or fitness gadgets
– Jewelry
– Known high-end brand items

A homeowner can place valuables inside a locked room that is connected to the property’s home security system, just in case a visitor tries to snoop around.

Watch out for Meth Lab Homes

Another good idea is to learn the signs of a meth lab or a home that might be dealing meth to users. The following are some signs to look for:
– Visitors coming at different times of the day and night
– Long inactive periods because meth users crash at some point after staying awake a long time
– Strangers parking far from the house they intend to visit
– Individuals carrying gadgets, like electronics that may be used to barter
– Activity in the house in the wee hours of the night
– Occupants seem very secretive

Homeowners should contact the police department should they suspect something, and do nothing else.

A Good Home Security System

Last but definitely not least, homeowners need to consider a good home security system. Drug dealers may not break into a house, but meth users who are looking for cash or something that can be used to barter for drugs might.

Keep in mind that a drug abuser does not recognize time, meaning that a drug-related break in can occur at anytime. Most homeowners tend to expect burglaries at night, but there could be an attempt in the morning or afternoon. This is why the ADT Rochester, Minnesota monitoring system should be on at all times, not just at night before heading to bed.

Hopefully, these tips help ensure that homeowners in Rochester keep their homes safe from this growing problem. It would be a good idea to schedule a meeting with neighbors about staying vigilant, and talk to the local police department to see if the police have suggestions. You want to stay as safe as possible.


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