ADT Santa Clara, California

Aspects to Help You Determine if a Security System is Necessary
Those living in Santa Clara often love the gorgeous weather, proximity to the coast, and more. However, they might be worried about whether they need a security system. Although the city itself only has just over 116,000 people in it according to the 2010 census, it is close to other major cities like San Francisco. When a homeowner is wondering if they should invest in a security system for their home, there are a few things they’re going to want to consider. Property Crime Rate Within the City Property crimes include more than just burglary, but they’re all crimes that can happen at a person’s home. In this city, a person has a one in 37 chance of being a victim of a property crime, which is quite high. There is an average of 4.73 burglaries in Santa Clara per ever 1,000 residents, and an average of 18.83 thefts per 1,000 residents. This is higher than the average in California as a whole, which will likely mean a resident in this city is going to want to have some sort of security for their home. Police Department Within the City the Santa Clara police department involves 155 sworn officers and 76 other employees. This includes two police buildings, the main one located on El Camino Real and the Northside Substation located on Rivermark Parkway. Statistics have shown that neighborhoods located closer to police stations have lower crime statistics, while those that are located further away tend to experience more crime because it takes longer for the police to arrive in the area. A person who lives further away from one of these stations will want to consider a security system, especially considering the crime rate in the area. Neighborhood Watch Programs There are a number of neighborhood watch programs in the city. A person will want to check online or with their neighbors to learn more about a neighborhood watch in their area, if there is one, and how they can become involved. Having a neighborhood watch in their neighborhood can help to lower crimes because any suspicious activity is discovered and reported to the police faster. If a person doesn’t already have a neighborhood watch in their area, they may consider working with the police station to create one. Various Neighborhoods Have Different Crime Rates A person will want to consider exactly where they live within the city limits when they’re considering a security system for their home. The central neighborhoods of Kiely Blvd – Benton St, Bowers Ave – El Camino Real, Lawrence, El Camino Real – Nobili Ave, and Bowers Ave – Monroe St have the lowest crime rates for the city. El Camino Real – Jackson St and Santa Clara U to El Camino Real have the highest crime rates in the city, although there are a few other neighborhoods within the city that also have high crime rates. A person will want to consider exactly where they live to determine if a security system is going to be a good idea. Before Purchasing an Alarm System – Information to Know A person who wants to purchase a security system in Santa Clara should be sure they’re aware of the laws of doing so in the area. Both residents and businesses must pay a small, one-time fee for a permit to install a security system. They will need to fill out an application and send the $25 fee with the application. This is required to ensure the police have the information they need if there is an alarm set off at the home. The application will need to be updated if the homeowner gets rid of the alarm system, if they move and continue to use the same alarm system in their new home, or if they are a homeowner purchasing a home with an existing alarm system and need to have it transferred to their name. Purchasing a Monitored Security System Those living in Santa Clara will want to consider purchasing a monitored security system instead of a do-it-yourself security system. The monitored systems are connected to the company that installed it and will alert the company anytime an alarm is set off. An alarm can be set off by the detection of a door opening, the detection of motion inside the home, the detection of glass breaking, or even the detection of smoke inside of the home. The homeowner can choose which components they want to have installed based on the layout of their home and their preferences. Finding a Company to Work With A homeowner has quite a few options when it comes to monitored security systems. One of the leading national brands, ADT, is available in the area as well as local security monitoring companies. The person will want to look into what options the monitoring company offers as well as what others in their area think about the companies before choosing one to work with. If you live in Santa Clara, there’s a good chance you’ll want to invest in a security system for your home. Consider the information here, what area of Santa Clara you’re located in, and more to determine if a security system is going to be a good investment for your home. Keep in mind, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and you’ll want to ensure you have the protection you need before anything could happen in your home. Take the time to look into your options today to learn more about the security systems available in your neighborhood.