ADT Scranton, Pennsylvania

Tips to Avoid Being a Crime Victim in Scranton
Concentrated poverty is a problem in many large cities and Scranton is no exception. With pockets of land where a large portion of the residents live below the poverty level, the entire city is at risk. Children who live in poorer homes don’t get the same education or opportunities as their peers who don’t struggle with financial stress. Crime rates are also higher in poor communities and because everyone in the area is poor, the crime is likely to expand beyond the area where the criminals live. Middle class neighborhoods that are close to low-income communities are most at risk for this type of crime. The offenses most likely to occur are thefts from vehicles, burglary and robbery. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to sell a property that is so close to a poor neighborhood. Even though the community you live in is full of great people who care about their homes and who work hard every day to achieve their goals, home buyers don’t want to invest in an area where they are likely to be a victim of crime. It’s important for people who live in communities near low-income neighborhoods to be aware of their surroundings. Knowing which cars belong to your neighbors will help you recognize strangers on your street. Neighborhood watch groups are very effective at identifying potential criminals and alerting police to the fact that there is someone suspicious in the area. Joining one of these groups will keep you and your home safer because your neighbors will look out for each other. If your street doesn’t have a formal group already, you can be proactive and organize your neighbors to start one. Neighborhood watch groups can be effective but there is more you can do to protect your home from people who don’t have much hope. An alarm system can serve as a deterrent. Most burglars do everything they can to avoid getting caught. Because they know their chances of being arrested are much higher when they break into a house with an alarm, they bypass those houses. This isn’t the only advantage of a monitored burglar alarm. An alarm system that is monitored by a professional company and equipped with cameras will not only alert the police if a brazen criminal breaks into your home, it will also record a video of the events so the police will be able to capture, arrest and convict the burglar if they get away. Many of these cameras stream a live feed to the homeowner’s mobile device. However, because burglars who break into houses with alarm systems are more concerned with taking what isn’t theirs than getting caught doing it, it’s always best to stay away from the home if you know an intruder is inside. Allow the police to handle it. That’s their job. There are some things you can do to reduce your chances of being a crime victim. When you purchase new items, such as large appliances or electronics, break the boxes into small pieces rather than put the entire container onto the curb to be picked up on garbage day. Putting boxes in the trash is a clear sign that you have just purchased something new and can tempt a thief to try to enter your home when you aren’t there. By concealing your purchases, they’ll have no way of knowing what’s inside your house. Thieves also tend to target unlocked vehicles. Since breaking a window makes a lot of noise that neighbors are likely to hear, they prefer unlocked doors. By simply taking valuables out of your car when you go in the house and locking your car doors, there won’t be any reason for a thief to break into your vehicle. If you leave your car doors unlocked and your car parked on the street or in your driveway, there’s always a chance someone will open your door and search through your belongings, looking for cash or anything else of value. Law abiding citizens in Scranton must also be careful while they are out walking down the street. There’s no reason to be afraid to go outside. This isn’t a city where people are shot every day. However, there is reason to be aware of where you are at all times and not to go into questionable areas of town alone. The police can only do so much and they can’t be everywhere at all times. Robbery can be very frightening but it’s important to stay calm and remember that the things in your purse or wallet can be replaced. Your life cannot. Taking these steps to keep yourself and your family safe will help you enjoy your life in Scranton. Although it isn’t the most dangerous city in the country, it does have pockets of concentrated poverty and poor people who are moving to the suburbs to take advantage of the affordable housing in those areas. Instead of being afraid, do things to decrease your odds of being a victim. Simple things like paying attention when you are out in public, joining a neighborhood watch group, installing an alarm system and locking your car doors make you a less enticing victim to someone who just wants to steal something to make some quick cash. You’ll be able to keep more of what you work for and won’t have to worry as much about someone breaking into your house while you are at work.