ADT Sioux Falls, South Dakota

A Review Of Factors That Indicate The Need For Security

Sioux Falls, South Dakota has a population of 168,586. It possesses a crime index of 17 with this larger population. This indicates that it is a safer choice than 17% of larger cities throughout the country. However, this lower than average safety rating indicates a real need for home security. The following are details that reflect why security is critical for homeowners in this city.

What Crime Statistics are Available for the City?

According to crime statistics, there were 740 violent crimes in this city within the last year. There were a total of 5,678 crimes in the city and among them 4,938 involved properties. These statistics show that 4.39 of every 1,000 residents was involved in a violent crime. They also indicate that 29.29 of every 1,000 residents were involved in a home invasion. These statistics show that more homeowners need home-based protection to lower their risks. With a further assessment of criminal activity, statistics show that four murders occurred in the city. 149 rapes were reported in this city as well as 88 robberies. The city statistics show that 499 physical assaults were also committed. These statistics show that 1 out of every 228 residents was involved in a crime that resulted in a fatality or serious injuries.

Assessing Gun Safety and Home Security Requirements

According to statistics, South Dakota was ranked third in the nation for accidental shootings. Sioux Falls was classified among the highest of cities in the state in which these shootings have occurred. This indicates that it isn’t necessarily safer for homeowners to possess firearms. However, homeowners who follow gun safety regulations and standard lower their risks of these unwanted circumstances. Most homeowners acquire guns to protect their homes. But with a further review of statistics, these firearms aren’t enough to protect the home alone. Homeowners need home security systems to acquire earlier warnings for possible home invasions. With the right security system, they acquire these alerts and have a better chance of protecting their family in the event of a break-in.

Were There Protests that Could Elevate the Need for Security?

In recent months, there have been two primary protests in the city. First, a small group protested the results of the recent presidential election. However, the protest didn’t end in violence or looting. Following this protest is the ongoing Standing Rock protests. Indian tribes living within this region have been protesting for the preservation of their water and the land that is theirs. While violence has occurred during the protests, they were not the fault of the protesters. Injuries reported so far involved the necessary amputation of a protester’s arm and the loss of one protester’s eye due to high-powered deterrents used by law enforcement. With opposing elements in the region, however, it is critical for local homeowners to acquire adequate home security. With the size of the protest and law enforcement elements increasing almost daily, local homeowners realize the critical need for the protection for their own homes. These systems should present them with the ability to monitor their homes at any time. These features enable them to avoid possible risks from unethical organizations behind the DAPL who won’t follow local laws and pose a real risk to local residents.

What is the State of the Current Housing Market?

Currently, the median price for homes in this city is $180,000. According to statistics, the volume of homes placed on the market increased by 6.4%. They also indicated that currently pending sales increased by 24%. They also show that the average rental price for properties in this region around $1,000. However, if the installation of the DAPL does push forward, these values could decrease dramatically. The projected outcome of the project indicates potential contamination of the water supply. If this happens, it will produce far more than just the decrease in property values, it places all residents at risk.

Considering What Could Happen

This region isn’t the first area in the country to find itself at risk of losing clean drinking water. Flint, Michigan was also the site of a proposed pipeline that was claimed to be safe by the project directors and organizations involved. The project began in 2010. In 2014, the local water supply was contaminated. Today, two years later, the city remains in a water crisis and must rely on water distributors to provide them with drinkable water. If the same fate occurs, in Sioux Falls and surrounding cities, residents are more likely to suffer the same experience. These circumstances could lead to further risks and an increase in unlawful behaviors. However, while similar, the two incidents are vastly different. Standing Rock isn’t just based on residents protesting a project on local lands; they are protesting for land that was guaranteed to them by the federal government. The Treaty of Ft. Laramie was signed in 1868 and requires tribal permission to modify or change land owned by the Native American tribes. Outside sources that have financial interests in the pipeline could present even further risks to landowners. For this reason, they need to upgrade an existing security system or install a system if they haven’t already. In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, residents are at an all-time higher risk of becoming a victim of a crime. With the current state of affairs, property owners must take all risks into consideration. Homeowners who need to update their security contact a local security provider today.