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Vancouver, WA is Moving Toward Less Crime & How Homeowners can Help

The city of Vancouver is seeing a relatively positive upswing. Homeowners should be happy that the city is becoming safer, and it is increasingly taking steps to improve services. Still, this does not mean that a homeowner should let down his or her guard because no one can guarantee safety.

A Closer Look at the Upswing

The FBI released some statistics regarding some of the cities in Washington, showing that most of the state has been effectively controlling crime. Yes, there was a slight increase, but it was much less than some could have expected.

A slight increase may sound bad to some residents of the state. The cops might be able to reverse that, but the numbers are starkly different from other states seeing major jumps that seem uncontrollable.

One sign that things are going in the right direction is the real estate market in Vancouver. The last few years have been great for real estate, and it is a good time for homeowners who are thinking of getting a good return on their investment. Most housing experts have noticed that home prices in this area have been on the rise, and the rate is much higher than any other state in the United States.

Some homeowners may already know this, but one of the reason this happens is because the city is becoming increasingly safe or desirable to others. In essence, the prices are matching the demand to live there. All of those living in Vancouver should cherish and protect their homes.

Another sign that homeowners should notice is just how inventive and corporative the police department in Vancouver is attempting to be with its residents. It is rare to see a police department that truly invests time and effort in working with its residents to ensure safety. This active corporation between residents and cops could be the ultimate reason why Vancouver is rapidly becoming such a nice place to live.

Increasing Safety With the Alarm System Program

If you do not have a security system, you should consider having one installed. The police department created an effective program where homes that use an alarm system must also get a permit. The homeowners have to create an account where they can pay fees or appeal false alarm penalties. Homeowners can also communicate directly to the police that are assigned to their particular neighborhoods. It is at this point where homeowners can share grievances or details about suspicious activity around their neighborhood.

Home dwellers also get access to daily memos and emails from the police where they can find updates regarding the neighborhood or the city in general. In essence, it is a good program that allows both residents and the police to stay actively in touch with each other. Of course, the program is useful in helping cops control false alarms, which can be common even through reputable companies such as ADT Vancouver, Washington. False alarms cost the taxpayer unnecessary money, and it uses up a cop’s valuable time. The city will only be as efficient as its cops and residents allow it to be, meaning that it should be a joint effort. This program depends on the understanding that safety relies on the police and the homeowner.

Tips to be Successfully Vigilant

There is a lot that homeowners can do to ensure their neighborhoods are safe. Sure, installing a home security system at home and joining the program that the police established with homeowners with an alarm system is a good step, but it is not the only one. Homeowners should try to learn how to stay vigilant in their neighborhoods. This could help them and their neighbors not have to deal with something as scary as a home invasion.

Consider the following tips:

Watch out for Vacant Homes

Vacant homes can be the perfect place for burglars to hide as they case a particular home to steal from. It is important that any home that seems vacant is properly investigated. Homeowners and neighbors should communicate their suspicions to the police.

Look for Strange Vehicles

It might seem strange, but it is important to learn the makes of the vehicles that frequent a neighborhood. Sure, no one can remember every single vehicle in the neighborhood, but having a general idea might be helpful in spotting a car that does not belong. Criminals tend to park in the area of the home they are casing, or sometimes they just circle the neighborhood a few times. A suspicious car can be reported to the police.

Bicyclists and Runners

It is no secret that many people in this country are taking an active interest in healthy living. A lot of people are walking, running, or even bicycling, and this is usually done near their homes. It is normal to see neighbors exercising around the neighborhood, but this is something that criminals have begun to use as well. It is important that homeowners take notice of who is exercising, and try to make sure that it is indeed people from the neighborhood. Criminals may have an exercise outfit on, but it might be possible to spot them paying attention to certain homes. These criminals might show up more than once per day because they are attempting to learn a homeowner’s schedule.

Strangers Asking for Help

It is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but criminals have been quite successful at gaining access to a home that they are interested in by asking for help. This could be something like a chance to use the restroom or a phone. The criminal is attempting to see if the home is a good risk or trying to see if there are any weaknesses that he or she can exploit. This does mean people should not help others; just be cautious.

Recent Work Done

Some burglars work or have a partner who works in certain industries that give them access to a home. This could be construction companies or door-to-door salespeople. There is not much people can do about making sure that a company’s employee is not a burglar, but they should still pay attention to the people that come into the home. Most of these burglars come back to check on the house or homeowner’s schedule afterwards.

These are just a few suggestions, but they should help ensure that the positive streak that Vancouver, Wash., is having continues uninterrupted. Of course, it might not be a bad idea to talk to the police department about other things that could be done to keep the neighborhood safe.

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