Home Security, High-tech Versus Low-tech Solutions
Some people are fond of talking about how things used to be. The truth is, the world has changed over the years, and not necessarily for the better. Home intrusions are becoming more common, but there are steps that homeowners can take to prevent burglary. The statistics surrounding home burglaries are pretty surprising. Most homeowners assume that the majority of intrusions occur at night when everyone is asleep and that only the most valuable items in the home are vulnerable to theft. This common misconception is why so many burglaries are successful. Home security systems are more than a way to notify the police. Signage for home security systems tends to deter intrusions. Most burglars avoid homes with security systems. A home with a security system, or at least signs that indicate one, are much less likely to be burglarized.Night time intrusions are a myth according to most statistics. It isn’t that they don’t happen, but most burglaries take place between the hours of ten a.m. and three p.m. according to police reports. This means that most break-ins occur when people are at work or running errands.Crimes are localized for the most part. Most break-ins are perpetrated by criminals who live in the immediate area. Burglary is a crime of convenience in most cases. Criminals tend to stick to their local area because traveling too far away isn’t an easy score for them.Unlocked doors and windows are the most common entry points. The easier it is to enter a home, the more likely the home is to be burglarized. Most people don’t think about locking their windows and doors, and criminals take advantage of this.One-third of burglars walk through the front door because it’s left unlocked. This common mistake has caused more theft than any other kind of security issue. Homeowners that leave their door unlocked are seventy percent more likely to be robbed according to statistics published in the last five years. This problem can be easily solved by installing door alarms that cost less than twenty dollars. Common knowledge can be misleading What most people assume to be common knowledge about home intrusions is actually exactly why so many robberies occur. It’s easy to imagine a criminal making their way into a home and making off with heavy electronics that are worth hundreds of dollars. the truth is, carrying a television or stereo equipment out of a home is obvious and would most likely result in an arrest. Criminals that actually get away with theft don’t go for obvious items. In most cases, the first room they enter is the master bedroom. This is where most people store items such as jewelry or other precious items that are small and valuable. Smaller items that can be carried out without being noticed are much more likely to be stolen. Keeping these items in a small safe might seem like a good idea, but it actually makes the theft even easier. The burglar can simply grab the entire safe and walk out with everything in one package. Larger safes that weigh more will make valuable items less likely to be stolen. This is why a gun safe or other large and heavy containers are recommended. Adding an alarm to a safe or in the immediate area will make it much more likely that an arrest results from the break-in. Homeowners can talk to a local service provider about these kinds of options as well as what kinds of safes or containers are recommended. There are options well beyond a basic alarm system that can prevent theft and help police catch criminals that intend to make homeowners victims. Low-tech solutions versus High-tech services Relying on technology to solve a problem isn’t always the best idea. Fooling a computer is easy. After all, computers only know what they are programmed to know. This makes it easy for a smart thief to break into a home with the latest and greatest security solution. Some of the most successful thieves are ones that have inside knowledge of modern security solutions and can overcome the advanced sensors that constitute the system. Sometimes the best way to prevent theft and break-ins is to use a simple yet effective solution such as a sturdy lock or clever placement of valuable items. Basic door alarms can go a long way towards deterring a theft. When committing a crime, most burglars are nervous and tend to be startled easily. Placing a motion sensor in the right spot so that it might be tripped when an unauthorized visitor makes their way into the home will cause them to flee. This kind of low-tech solution can easily prevent the thief from finishing what they came to do. Although a modern security system can help prevent home intrusions, a basic solution can effectively stop a burglar in their tracks. When it comes to protecting a home and the valuable items in it there is no perfect solution. If a criminal wants something bad enough there’s not much that can stop them. Utilizing modern security services will help deter burglaries, but using low-tech solutions can help stop them from carrying out the crime. Valuable items should be placed in an obvious are in the home to prevent more insidious acts and allow the criminal to be in-and-out as quickly as possible. Overall, a combination of modern technology and clever design will help prevent any serious crimes and hopefully help prevent harm to the homeowner or their family. Homeowners can talk to their local service provider about how to establish an effective security solution and use the best of both solutions.