ADT Mount Prospect, Illinois

Is a Security System Needed for Your Home?
Starting with a mere 349 people in 1920, there are now around 54,000 people living in Mount Prospect, Illinois. The motto for the city is “where friendliness is a way of life” and residents here see this come into play with the lower crime rates compared to many areas in Illinois and in the United States. Still, even though there are lower crime rates, a person might wonder if it’s beneficial for them to purchase a security system for their home. Crime Rates Within the City Mount Prospect has a crime index of 71 out of a possible high score of 100. This means it’s safer than approximately 71% of the cities in the United States, which is no small feat. In the city, a person only has a one in 108 chance of being the victim of a property crime. Each year, there are 55 burglaries, 436 thefts, and 15 motor vehicle thefts reported in the city. Those living in the city might know someone who has been the victim of a property crime, but with such low numbers, it’s not surprising if they don’t. Check the Neighborhood Crime Statistics Within every city, there are areas that are more prone to crime and areas that are safer. In Mount Prospect, more crime tends to occur in the southern part of the city along with the northwest. The two safest areas include W Lincoln Street to S Busse Road and N River Road to E Old Willow Road. A person can check out local crime maps to search for their neighborhood and to see which area it falls under. This can help them determine if they have a higher or lower than average chance of being a property crime victim in the city. Consider Less Expensive Security Options With a relatively low crime rate in the city, residents might want to consider less expensive options to further secure their home. Some of these might include the following/ Make sure the entry to the home is easy to see at night. Lights, whether always-on or motion-detection, that are over the entry door can make it easier for a potential thief to be spotted and stopped before they steal anything.Make sure the home is locked. When the homeowner leaves for the day or when they’re away for vacation, they’re going to want to ensure the home is securely locked. This includes windows and doors. While a thief could still pick the lock, most aren’t going to try to do this except on homes with the most basic locks as it takes some time to pick deadbolts and other more secure locks.Keep everything inside when possible. Kids might leave bikes in the front yard, but a thief might see this as an easy opportunity. The same goes for electronics and other belongings, even if the person is just going inside for a short amount of time. Bringing everything inside or securing it means there less of a chance a thief will see it and have time to take it.Place a dummy camera near the front entrance. If a person doesn’t want to invest in a security system with cameras, they can always pretend they have. Often, the threat of being on camera can deter a thief, and the dummy or fake security cameras look just like the real thing but cost significantly less. Why a Security System Might Still be a Good Idea Even though the crime rates are lower here, some homeowners might still want to consider a security system for their home to add to their sense of security and to be sure the police will be notified if there’s ever an issue at their home. Simply having a security system can be a great deterrent for criminals. Additionally, security systems can often be combined with smart home technologies. This way, if a friend is stopping by and they’ll be late getting home, they can go ahead and unlock the door when the friend gets there. They might also turn on the lights on the porch without getting up if their child is getting home from a friend’s house or simply press a button on their phone to lock up the entire house at night so they feel more secure. What’s Needed in a Security System? Residents in Mount Prospect have quite a few options when it comes to security systems. Since there is a low amount of crime in the area, many homeowners will prefer to look into do-it-yourself systems where they’ll monitor everything on their own. With the right set up, they can be notified of any motion in or around the home no matter where they are. They will likely want to start with alarms for each of the doors and possibly the windows as well as a motion detector for the main area of the home. From there, they might also want to look into a couple of cameras for inside and outside the home so they can quickly check to see what’s happening at the home if they receive a notification of motion being detected. Those living in the Mount Prospect don’t have to worry as much about crime as residents in other cities might, but crime does still occur. It’s important for a person to carefully consider their own needs to determine if a security system is a good idea and, if so, what they’re going to want to include. Although they might not be as worried about crime occurring, it is important to realize that it can and does happen in the city and a few precautions can help protect a home.