ADT Normal, Illinois

This Twin City Is Close to Chicago

Normal and the nearby city of Bloomington are known as the twin cities of Illinois. This town was founded in 1865 and incorporated in 1867 in the center area of Illinois. The population of 52,497 enjoy close proximity to Chicago and its big-city attractions while enjoying a safer living atmosphere. Normal has several Universities and community colleges in addition to its grade schools and high schools. This city boasts having many cultural attractions such as the Children’s Discovery Museum, The Illinois University Planetarium, and the Challenger Learning Center. It was designated as being Bicycle friendly in 2014, winning an award. It also won an award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for the city’s Smart Growth Achievement. It has also won awards for its many golf courses and nature and wildlife parks and facilities.

How Safe Is Normal?

Normal has a crime rate that is 18% lower than the national average, and much lower than the nearby Chicago area. In addition, this community is safer than 48% of similar cities in the United states as a whole. If a person lives in Normal, they have only a 1 in 43 chance of being the victim of crime. This is good news for many but this safe record is slowly changing with the crime rate increasing 12% from one recent year to the next. Normal is still safer than 30% of other cities in Illinois. There are 1.7 police officers per 1,000 residents which is lower than the state average or the national average. This may be an indicator of the lower crime rates, though. This city is quite safe compared to many other cities around the United States but it does have enough crime that residents should take some practical security measures. Residents when looking for homes to purchase, can go online to different sites to find the safest neighborhoods to purchase houses in. By keying in the house location, home buyers can find information on recent crimes nearby, police response times, nearby gang activity if any, and much more information. When the information about crimes in a neighborhood is gathered, the family can decide whether to purchase a home in that location or not. Families who already own a home at one location can decide how much added security they may need. Some families will be satisfied with the amount od security they have. Other families will want to take additional steps to improve home security.

Levels Of Security

A family can start with small things and add more security measures as needed or as money becomes available. Securing all doors and windows in the home with door locks and window latches can add to home safety. Making sure all windows have screens that are securely attached also helps. First-floor windows can also have bars added or intruder sensors and alarms added. Cleaning up the whole yard, especially close to the home can take away hiding places and make a home less of a target for crime. Installing motion activated exterior lights helps with home security and makes coming home after dark safer. These lights should light up every corner of the yard. The family may consider getting a dog from a nearby shelter. They don’t cost much but can scare away intruders with their loud barking. A dog does not need to be vicious to be a good security member. Dogs can make children and people living alone feel safer and more loved. There is nothing that can compare to the loyalty of a good dog. Some homeowners may consider owning a gun a good security measure. The only way there should be a gun in a house with children is if it is very well secured and out of children’s reach. Anyone who purchases a gun should take training to safely use it and target practice so they can hit what they aim at. Owning a gun brings huge responsibility to the owner. Last but not least, is the advice to get to know one’s neighbors. Neighborhood watch groups can really increase neighborhood safety. When neighbors know each other, they can identify strangers lurking around homes in the neighborhood and call the police. When people know their neighbors, they can identify strangers stealing packages off doorsteps and call the police. Neighbors can take in mail and newspapers when someone is gone on a trip. Neighbors can also be friends who do things together such as neighborhood cookouts. Many people feel a need for a higher security level, even ones involving off-site monitoring and security cameras. Many homeowners are purchasing do it yourself security systems that they can install and monitor themselves. This system is economical for homeowners who have the knowledge ad ability to properly install and monitor the system. These systems have seen many improvements in recent years. The systems can cover many levels of security from a few security cameras to a complete security system with security cameras, alarms, control panels, security codes and a panel by entries to enter them to disarm a security system or rearm it, motion sensors on windows and other entries, and offsite notifications via smartphone or computer. These systems must have a feature that reduces false alarms to police stations. Better systems have a voice or photographic verification. Homeowners can get features to make their homes “smart homes” that allow them to lock doors, turn on or off furnaces, turn on or off lights, and many other things from wherever they are. Other homeowners do not feel safe or do not have time for installing and monitoring a security system. These people need to contact a dependable security company for a quote on installing and monitoring a security system for them. These systems are more expensive but very reliable. Single people, homebound, or physically impaired people can feel safer with these security systems. Some systems have panic buttons for homeowners to use in health emergencies or if an intruder comes while they are home alone. For more security information, go to the website.