Joliet, Illinois: Homeowners are Responding to the Recent Spike in Crime

Joliet is known for its majestic parks and landmarks. It is known for its people, and it is a true jewel of Illinois. There is no doubt that Joliet is a beloved city amongst the residents, which is why many of them are worried about some of the things that are happening in the city. Some homeowners are installing good security systems, but they want to do more because Joliet is home to them.

What is Happening in Joliet?

The residents of Joliet are becoming increasingly worried about a recent string of robberies and home invasions that are occurring in the city. Some residents decided to take action and organized a meeting with the police department to discuss what is happening in the city and some of the recent crimes. People are interested in what the police department is doing about the crimes and the status of some ongoing investigations.

For example, one story that really scared the residents of Joliet was a spree where a man was able to invade six homes and steal three cars before he was caught. Another incident that caused fear was a 17-year-old boy was found with stolen goods in his Joilet home. Some parents are wondering what can be done to prevent young teenagers from getting involved in such activities. It was the police department’s job to address the people’s concerns. One thing is for sure, the police department was happy to see that so many residents of the city are ready to take action, and it wants to guide their actions in the right direction.

The police department knows that things are looking kind of bad in Joliet. Another incident that has people scared is the home invasion that occurred in an Ingalls Park home. Two men broke into a home and violently threw the homeowner to the floor demanding money. Neighbors were able to see and hear the crime take place and called the cops. These criminals were caught, but the sheer bold move of invading a home in broad daylight is definitely a scary concept. This particular invasion was also drug related.

How the Police Department Wants Residents to React

There is no doubt that there is a lot to worry about, and residents know this. The residents who attended the meeting mentioned earlier did not talk about gun ownership, but the police department knows that gun ownership is on the rise in Illinois. This means that it is likely that some homeowners are buying weapons. Guns are good tools of protection, but they do require a real commitment to safety from the gun owner.

Cops want the people of Joliet to know that a good home security system should be enough to reduce the likelihood of an invasion. Residents should even consider security cameras to decrease the chance of a burglar invading their homes. Consider the following:

  • Look for an alarm system that is encrypted so that it is not easily hacked.
  • Be sure that the system does not run solely on electricity as that can be compromised.
  • Ensure that the system has a two-way communication with the monitoring service, which helps ensure that the system is in constant communication. This will also ensure that any interruption is treated as a possible emergency.
  • Look for a system that includes motion detectors and perimeter magnetic fences.
  • Consider using a system that can be easily connected to smart devices to make it easier to monitor the household.

Another issue that some parents are fearing is their own children turning to crime, which is a legitimate concern. The truth is that there is no real formula to figure out a child. Most psychologists suggest that parents teach children about the importance of morality and be a good guide. It is always important to remember that children learn best from watching rather than being told. Actions speak louder than words.

It should be noted that children who are attempting to do something unwise might become secretive. This is a trend that some specialists have noticed. Children get secretive and find ways to prove their innocence beyond a reasonable doubt. It is important to learn who a child is and how he or she lies to be a little more vigilant.

The next thing that homeowners around Joliet should do is try to understand what suspicious behavior looks like. Reporting this behavior early can be helpful to the police department. Learning about suspicious behavior can also ensure that initiatives like neighborhood watch programs are much more effective. The following are just a few things that homeowners should watch out for:

  • If you see a person walking around the neighborhood who does not live there, this might be something to worry about. It is wise to get to know some of the people that live in the neighborhood.
  • Some criminals have day jobs that could help them access a home, meaning one should be vigilant about workers who come into the house. Be sure to put away valuables should someone come into the home to ensure that criminals do not think that the house holds a lot of valuables.
  • Graffiti around the neighborhood could be a sign of gang activity, which should be reported.
  • Broken glass or visible damage to a home might be a sign of trouble. The house might have been broken into, or there may be a criminal making an abandoned house his or her lookout location.
  • A foreign car that consistently drives by the area at different times of day could be a criminal attempting to learn a victim’s schedule.

Of course, these are just a few things that homeowners can look for. Keep in mind that, even if you are trained with a weapon, it is always best to simply report suspicious behavior before doing anything. It is best to let the cops handle it, or just allow the alarm system to warn cops of trouble. Remember that no one needs to risk their lives, unless it is absolutely necessary.