Tips to Help You Protect Your Home from Theft on a Budget

A homeowner who has heard about a few break-ins near them recently might start thinking about how they can secure their home. It doesn’t matter where they live or how expensive their belongings are, they’re going to want to ensure they have a way to protect their home. There is actually quite a bit a homeowner can do to protect their home, even if they have a small budget right now.

Upgrade the Locks on the Home’s Exterior Doors

A lock that’s easy to pick is going to let a burglar enter the home easily. Homes without a deadbolt on their exterior doors might be surprised to find out how easy it is for a thief to use a credit card, crowbar, or other tools to pop the door open. Homeowners will want to ensure they at least have a deadbolt on each of the exterior doors and will want to take a look at some of the newest locks to ensure the lock can’t easily be opened by a thief. Just installing a deadbolt can be inexpensive, especially if the homeowner is handy and can do it on their own, and can add a significant amount of protection to the home.

Put Valuables and Important Information in a Safe

Inside the home, the homeowner will want to ensure all of their valuables and important documents are safe. A hidden safe that is bolted to the floor can protect these items and make it difficult or impossible for the thief to steal them. The safes are typically not too expensive, depending on the size the person needs, and can end up helping the homeowner protect anything important if a thief does gain entry to their home. When the safe is securely bolted to the floor, the thief can’t even take it to try to open it later as they won’t be able to pick it up and carry it away from the home.

Make Sure the Windows Lock

The windows on the home should lock. If the locks no longer work or there aren’t locks on the windows, this is something the homeowner will want to correct. A window that opens easily from the outside is often an invitation for a burglar as they can simply open the window and crawl into the home. The homeowner will want to make sure the windows are always closed and locked when they leave the home to ensure a burglar can’t enter them and gain access to the home.

Cut Down Bushes Close to Windows and Doors

Many homeowners have bushes close to their home to add to their landscaping. However, thick and tall bushes create a hiding place for potential thieves. They can hide behind the bushes to wait for the homeowner to leave or to ensure no one can see them when they’re picking a lock to open the door to the home. When the homeowner cuts these bushes to ensure they aren’t creating a hiding space, they can reduce the chance a thief will have the time to enter the home undetected. This is easy for most homeowners to do on their own, making it an excellent way to protect the home on a budget.

Install Security Cameras Around the Home

One of the biggest deterrents for thieves is cameras in the home. If they can see cameras above the entry doors, they might decide to try a different home. Cameras will also allow the homeowner to capture a photo or video of the person if they break into the home. This can be given to the police and makes it more likely the police will be able to find the person who broke into the home and prosecute them. It also means they have a higher chance of getting their belongings back if anything was taken.

Post a Notice that There’s a Security System in Place

Homeowners will want to consider cheap security systems, including do-it-yourself security systems using cameras and motion detectors to prevent theft. They will at least want to look into a basic system that includes cameras on entry doors and motion detectors on the doors to set off an alarm if anyone enters the home. With the abundance of cheap options available today, a homeowner can set up a basic system in their home. Once they have done this, they’ll want to post a sticker or sign near their front door notifying anyone on the property that they have a security system. In many cases, this will deter a potential thief because a security system increases the chance they’ll be caught.

Consider Future Upgrades to Do When There’s More Money Available

Protecting a home on a small budget is possible for a homeowner to do, but they might want to consider other upgrades they can do as they have time. They’ll want to start with a cheap security system and some of the other tips here, then add to their security system and the basic security of their home as their budget allows. Building the security of the home slowly ensures they can be protected today and can ensure they do more as their budget allows instead of going over their budget or feeling as if they can’t do anything without more money. Using the tips above, a homeowner can easily secure their home and protect it from theft. Although most of these tips won’t completely prevent a theft, if the homeowner invests in one of the cheap security systems and installs cameras around their home, it will significantly reduce the chance of their home being a target. Additionally, if their home is a target for theft, they might have the information the police need to catch the burglar. Start implementing these tips today to start protecting your home.