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Home Security in Royal Oak, Michigan
Located in Oakland County, Royal Oak, Michigan is a smaller suburb within the Detroit area. It has a population of just over 50,000. While the population is smaller than many locations, it is not insignificant. There are still plenty of people in the area to cause a disturbance. This is why home security is such an important decision to make. No matter the number of people in the area, there is always a chance of crime. Crime Rate Royal Oak has a crime index of 60. This indicates the city is 60 percent safer than other U.S. cities. While this number is not as high as it can be, it is also not the worst seen. Only 675 property crimes involving break-ins and robberies have been reported. Royal Oak has a smaller crime rate than other Michigan cities. With more than 600 crimes reported, however, it is still worthwhile to look into an alarm system that can deter criminals. Increase in Home Invasions In 2015, there was an increase in the amount of home invasions in the area. There were only 78 reported incidents in 2014, which jumped to 97 in 2015. These reports are still significantly lower than what was seen in previous years, however, with more than 200 burglary crimes reported in 2011 and years prior. With the numbers seeing an increase again, it is best to consider a home security system that can monitor the area and record the surroundings.  Housing Market Trends While a handful of new home invasion reports were made, housing market trends still continued increasing. This indicates the area contains happier residents than in some places, with a tolerable crime rate. There was a seven percent increase in 2016, raising the median home price by $13,000. The average property price is more than $200,000. Royal Oak Police Department There is a Royal Oak Police Department that responds to calls. The precinct is located at 221 E 3rd St. Residents can reach the station directly by calling (248) 246-3500. The mission statement of the police department is simple, keep Royal Oak safe. Their vision is to be a leader in public safety, innovation, effectiveness, and efficiency. There is a community policing office that works to provide school liaison activities and crime prevention programs.  Audible and/or Visible Alarms Royal Oak has an ordinance in place discussing audible and/or visible alarms. Residents may not have an alarm system that makes a visual or auditory disturbance that can interfere with the peace of others in the nearby vicinity. This is according to Chapter 180, Section 5. Portion B describes the duration of time an alarm may sound, which is 15 minutes. This rule only applies to unapproved systems. To have a system approved, a resident simply must provide their name, address, and telephone number for himself and an emergency contact to the Director of Public Safety.  False Alarms Another ordinance is enacted by the police force in an effort to prevent false alarms from taking away from real crime prevention. Penalties and fines are awarded to anyone who knowingly places a false alarm call using their alarm system. When severe weather activates an alarm accidentally, or prior notice is given to the city of a worker conducting tests or repairs to an alarm system, there is no fee given. Each homeowner is also given an allowance of three false alarm calls in a calendar year, including the aforementioned incidents. Once four calls are made, penalties will be doled out. The Royal Oak City Commission determines the fees for each instance.  Home Security Options Once a homeowner decides they want to set up a home security system, it is important to look into the options available. AT&T Digital Life Home Security is one of the well-liked choices in the area thanks to its all-inclusive possibilities. All included systems can be monitored wirelessly, as smart home automation is provided. Remote door locks, remote access, 24/7 professional monitoring, text alerts, email alerts, water detection, fire detection, thermostat control, and security cameras the incorporated features.  Vigilante Security, Inc. is located nearby in Troy, Michigan. It is roughly 20 minutes away, located at 2681 Industrial Row Dr. The company is a security system supplier, offering the latest technology and numerous alarm services for both residential and business sectors. Once the desired system is chosen, the company sends a professional to properly install the unit. The company also provides its own alarm monitoring service, meaning an activated alarm code is sent to the dispatching unit who will get ahold of the resident before notifying the police.  Just 13 minutes away in Southfield is a burglar alarm store. Protect America Home Security is located at 2000 Town Center. Customers may visit the website, visit the store, or call the number at 888-936-3385 to learn about services. With no installation fees and a low monthly cost, many are happy to choose this option. There are three main packages the company offers, including the copper, silver, and platinum options. The first package comes with three door or window sensors, the second has nine door or window sensors, and the final option comes with fourteen.  Home security in Royal Oak is of the utmost importance. While the neighborhood is generally safer than other nearby locations, and the housing market is increasing, there is still always room for improvement. Having an alarm system installed simply provides a better peace of mind in today’s harsh world.