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Home Security in Saginaw, Michigan
Michigan sees its fair share of crime, with the city of Saginaw among the top of the list for wrongdoings reported. While only 50,000 people live in the area, there is still a 1 in 69 chance that a person will become a victim of a crime. Residents in this town should do their part to limit these illegal activities and report on any incidents they see occur. Installing a home security system is the best option, as it can assist with improving neighborhood safety and limiting the possibilities for burglarly and theft. Crime in the City Saginaw, Michigan is one of the most notorious in the state for crime. Assualts and robberies are two of the highest crimes reported in the area. The city only scores a 13 on the crime index, indicating it is only safer than 13 percent of cities in the entire U.S. This low rate is alarming, and should warrant residents taking any precuations necessary to keep themselves and their families safe, including using a home alarm system. The central part of the city is where crime occurs the most. The Safest Streets in Saginaw While many areas of the city see crime, there are some safer streets on the map. The south part of town is the best area to live in, as a lot less crimes are reported in this area. From Townline Road to Blackmar Road, Paines to Swan Creek, and Gratiot Road to South Graham Road, residents tend to feel much safer. Surrounding streets of Orr, Garfield, East Road, and West Curtis Road are also on the safe side, although they are slightly less safe than the aforementioned places. Police Presence in Saginaw There are three separate police departments in the Saginaw area. The Saginaw Police Department is located at 612 Federal Avenue. It can be reached at 989-759-1229. The Saginaw Township Police Department is located at 4930 Shattuck Road. Their non-emergency number is 989-791-7226. The final option is the Saginaw County Sheriff Department. It is found at 618 Cass Street. Their non-emergency telephone number is 989-790-5456. When calling 911, the dispatch center typically sends out an available unit from the closest station. While there are several stations to get a hold of, response times are still slow. It can take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes for an officer to respond to a call. This is due to the high volume of calls and low amount considered a priority. Priority calls are tended to faster, while crimes considered not as urgent can take up to an hour. This can leave residents to handle situations on their own until help arrives, which is why a security system is so important to deter criminals. Correctional Facilities in the City There are two separate correctional facilities located in the area. The first is a simple county jail. The Saginaw County Jail is located at 208 S Harrison Street. Inmates are often held here until their court date, where they may be transferred to a prison outside of the city. The Saginaw Correctional Facility is one of those options. It has the Saginaw name, but is actually located roughly 20 minutes away in Freeland. The address is 9625 Pierce Road. This facility houses males only, over the age of 18. It is made up of 43 miles worth of buildings, including several security level I, II, and IV. With a prison of this size being so close to Saginaw, it should make residents more apt to using alarm systems on their own homes. While a 12-foot tall barrier fence surrounds the prison, it is still wise to use whatever protection necessary when hundreds of criminals are located nearby. Home Security Options in Saginaw With several home security suppliers in the area, there is no excuse as to why a homeowner has no alarm in place. There are multiple companies nearby that sell affordable solutions for both installation and monitoring of a system. AT&T even offers home security. It is a digital option that controls everything remotely with the use of a cell phone. It does not only handle security, but also dangerous situations, such as fires, carbon monoxide, and rising water levels. It is a complete system that will send text or email alerts during any incident. Located on 819 S Washington Avenue is Audio Central Alarm. This company supplies alarm systems and will send a professional to each home to have the system installed correctly. Vanguard Fire & Security Systems, Inc. is located at 1633 S. Champagne Drive. This option focuses on fire alarms, but also has a plethora of other security services available. Video surveillance, door security, intrusion detection, intercoms, and even basic systems are all available. Key-less systems, such as those with card access instead, are very popular.  Ace American Alarm Co is yet another possibility. It is located just over 10 minutes away in Bridgeport, at 6222 Dixie Hwy. Customers can request a quote online. There are burglar, fire, video surveillance, and wireless security alarms available through this company.  Saginaw sees much more crime than other cities in Michigan. While the city itself is beautiful, with parks, museums, enrichment centers, and more, there is still plenty of reasons why an alarm system is necessary while living here. The best way to keep loved ones protected is to have an advanced system installed to deter intruders and monitor the surroundings at all times.