The Impact of a Security System Setup for Small Business Owners
Small business owners often need to cut costs wherever they can and avoid as many unnecessary expenses as possible to increase their revenue and to use some of the revenue to grow their business. Some expenses might not immediately have a clear answer as to whether it’s really necessary, like business security systems. However, a small business owner, once they take into account the following information, will definitely see the importance of installing at least a basic security system for their business. The Impact of Theft on a Small Business Owner It doesn’t matter what kind of business a person owns, it can be impacted by theft. Thieves can enter the store during or after business hours and can easily walk out with quite a bit of product, the money kept in the business, or even just leave with a significant amount of damage that needs to be fixed. Any amount of damage and theft can have an impact on the business revenue and, if it’s significant enough or happens often enough, it can threaten the business’s ability to remain open. What a Small Business Owner Needs and Should Have for a Security System Having any kind of security system can help protect the business from theft. The most basic system simply monitors the store via motion detectors when it’s closed and will alert law enforcement if there is any motion in the business after it has closed for the day. More sophisticated systems include cameras to monitor the business when they’re open to catch people who might try to steal something and after the business is closed to help detect any entry to the store. A business owner will want to at least have a way to monitor the business when they are closed, but will definitely want to consider a system that allows them to monitor the store all the time. Theft that Occurs During Business Hours Thefts that occur during business hours can cost the business quite a bit of money. Often, these thieves will stuff products into their pockets, purses, bags, and other compartments and then simply walk out of the store. Over time, this type of theft can cost a business a significant amount of money, especially if there aren’t cameras to deter the theft or to be used to detect, catch, and prosecute the thieves. In some instances, they’ll demand the money from the cash register, often with the threat of violence if the cashier doesn’t comply. This can cost the business quite a bit of money, even if they limit the amount of money in the cash registers and secure the remainder in a safe. Theft during business hours is often the biggest threat to a business as far as loss of products and cash. Theft that Occurs After Business Hours Although most theft is going to occur during business hours, there is the chance of a break in when the business is closed. This is more likely to happen if the business doesn’t have a security system in place and a notification that the premises are secure posted in a prominent position outside the entrance to the business. Often, thieves will simply break a window or pick the lock on the door to gain entry to the business. Forgetting to lock the business can easily lead to theft. There are ways to protect the business from some loss here, like never leaving cash in the registers, but a security system that can detect any unlawful entry is the best way to protect a business from theft outside of business hours. Commonly Used Entry Points for Burglars As long as the doors on the building are locked, many business owners feel secure leaving their business at night. However, burglars will use a variety of entry points to gain access to a building that isn’t as secure as the business owner believes. They might not be able to open the windows, but they can break them and will often use a rock, stick, or something else they find nearby to break the window. Some doors don’t have locks that are incredibly secure and thieves can pick the lock to gain access to the building. In rare cases, thieves have even used the roof to gain access to a building. Business owners will want to be careful to secure every area of the business and have some sort of backup in the form of a security system in case the thief uses a method of entry other than the door. Using This Information to Build a Security System The above information can give a business owner a lot to think about and should explain why it’s necessary for them to have a security system even if they own a small business. Business owners can use the above information to take a look at how thieves could steal products and cash from them to think about what they want as part of their security system. To prevent thefts during business hours, for example, they might want to invest in cameras. To prevent thefts after business hours, they’ll want motion detectors inside the business monitored by an alarm company. They can also use the information to think about where the thieves might enter the building and what they might take to ensure their business is fully protected through the security system to reduce the amount of loss they might experience. Although some small business owners might not have given much thought to it, business security systems are going to be essential for a small business. It’s important for any business owner to consider the points above to find or create a security system that’s going to work well for their business and their budget. Doing so can help protect them from theft in the long run.