To Protect Against a Home Invasion, Setup a Security System Today
Home invasions can happen to anyone in any neighborhood, even gated communities. Homeowners may hear about home invasions near them and want to protect their home from an invasion or might want to go ahead and be proactive even if they haven’t heard of an increase in home invasions recently. While a burglar alarm system cannot completely prevent a home invasion, it does make it less likely the homeowner will experience a loss. Why Install a Home Security System? If a homeowner doesn’t have anything expensive in the home, do they need a security system? If the homeowner is home all the time, do they need a security system? Home invasions can happen anywhere and to anyone. Some burglars might be deterred by a home with someone inside, but others will simply enter anyways and take what they want, often injuring the homeowner in the process. Burglars can’t really tell what’s inside of a home until they get inside, so just not having anything costly inside the home isn’t going to prevent a home invasion either. The number one way to protect the home and occupants is to install a security system. Will a Home Security System Prevent a Home Invasion? A home security system doesn’t necessarily prevent a home invasion. That is, it’s not going to stop a burglar from getting into the home. What the security system should do is grab a clear photo of the burglar and set off an alarm to let them know police are on the way. This way, even if they do enter the home, the chances of them stealing something is lowered and the chance of them being caught is higher. Having a security system also protects the homeowner if they’re home at the time as the burglar will likely leave when they hear the alarm sound instead of trying to subdue the homeowner and take belongings from the home. What’s Needed for a Home Security System? A security system can be as complex or as simple as the homeowner wants. A basic security system simply monitors when exterior doors are opened and, if the proper code is not entered into the keypad, an alarm will sound. When this keypad is monitored, a signal is sent to the monitoring company who will contact law enforcement. More complex security systems include monitors on the windows, motion detectors inside of the home, cameras that can record or take still photos whenever there’s motion and more. A homeowner should consider their home and their needs and budget to determine how simple or complex they want their security system to be. What Cameras Should a Homeowner Purchase? Many homeowners prefer to at least have cameras to record any movement near the front or back doors. IP cameras are gaining popularity as they’re typically inexpensive and will allow the homeowner to check on the home anytime they want. Instead of the information being continuously recorded and stored on a DVR, as they are with traditional CCTV cameras, the camera is only triggered when there is motion within its view and the information is then recorded for a set amount of time. The main benefit of IP cameras is the homeowner can view the camera on their smartphone and can receive alerts on their smartphone if there’s any movement detected by the camera. The homeowner will want to purchase a high-quality camera that meets their basic needs for their security system. Should The Homeowner Use a Monitored System? Security systems don’t have to be monitored, but many homeowners will prefer that it is. Ones that are not monitored may involve cameras that alert the homeowner when there’s movement in the camera’s view so the homeowner can see what’s happening and, if needed, contact law enforcement on their own. A monitored system is monitored by a company continuously. As soon as the alarm is set off, the company receives a signal and can contact law enforcement on behalf of the homeowner. Often, they will contact the homeowner first to ensure there is a need for police response to cut down on false alarms. The homeowner can decide if they want the system to be monitored or not based on their own preferences. Should a Homeowner Post a Sign for their Security System? Often, a homeowner will receive a sign they can post in their yard or a sticker they can place on a window by their front door to let anyone that comes up to the home know it’s being monitored. It’s typically a good idea for the homeowner to take advantage of this. They might be able to do this even if their system isn’t monitored. The point of the sign is to let potential burglars know the property does have a security system that will be used to protect the home from an unlawful entry and theft. For most potential thieves, this is enough to make them turn around and look for another home to enter since they’re looking for an easy way to steal, not to be easily caught on camera or red-handed by the police. The above questions and answers should give you a little bit more information on what you’ll want to do if you want a burglar alarm system for your home. Consider your unique needs to ensure you create the right system for you so you can protect your home. With a security system in place, you’re not an easy target for thieves and will likely have a lower chance of injury or loss of belongings due to a home invasion. Start thinking about your security system today to protect your home and family.