Exploring Your Options With the Ademco Security System

Alarm systems have been around for a long time. A few people in history probably used dogs as an alarm system before modern technology. Thankfully, people now have sophisticated systems like the Ademco alarm system. This company started in 1929, and it garnered some attention due to its innovative technology. The people behind Ademco began their endeavor for the same reason many other companies did, which was to increase safety.

Getting to Know Ademco

Ademco has provided security to more homes in the United States than many other nationally recognized companies. This is something that the company is proud of. The company’s commitment to people and security encouraged it to form a deal with Honeywell security systems. Ademco now operates under the Honeywell umbrella and has reached many people. Honeywell has also given Ademco the opportunity to upgrade its systems.

The Ademco alarm systems are now offering some of the following:

  • Hardwired systems or corded systems
  • Wireless systems
  • A mixture of both systems, which is sometimes referred to as hybrid systems

Some homeowners might be wondering what the difference is between these three systems, and this will be explained.


This is perhaps one of the oldest types of systems. It relies on a landline. Most critics will argue that Ademco’s hardwire system can be easily compromised because a criminal can just cut the cord. This criticism is true, but a professional installation will help ensure that the cord is hidden so that criminals cannot cut the wire.

There are two positive aspects of Ademco’s hardwire system that should be considered. The first is that the system cannot be hacked like wireless systems. The second positive aspect is that the connection to emergency services is much more reliable than any other. The system is very sophisticated, so a person does not have to say his or her address in case of an emergency. The dispatcher can locate where the distress call originated from.


The wireless Ademco security system does have that flaw mentioned earlier. It is possible that a trained professional can interrupt the signal or even hack into the system. A hacked system can be disabled or used to see inside the property using the cameras from the security system itself. This is why it is important that homeowners purchase a wireless system that is encrypted. An encrypted system is much harder to compromise.

Most people choose a wireless system because it can be easily integrated into today’s smart-society. A wireless system can be connected to smart devices. This means that a homeowner can control devices remotely from the security system or receive live feed from the cameras should there be any.

Hybrid System

Ademco’s hybrid system does not require much explanation. It combines the security that only hardwired systems can provide while also giving homeowners the ability to upgrade. The system can come equipped with encryption technology. It also comes with the two-wired communication system that allows constant monitoring of the system. The central security monitoring system constantly checks to see if the system is communicating data. An alarm is set off the moment the system is no longer communicating any data just in case someone attempts to compromise the security device.

What Can Homeowners Expect From Ademco?

There is no doubt that a good security system is a good idea for any household in the United States. For example, statistics have shown that around 60 percent of all attempted burglaries are unsuccessful because the homeowner had a good system installed that the criminal was unable to compromise. This is one reason why a system like Ademco’s security system is a wise choice. Still, some may be wondering what else they can expect from the Ademco alarm system.

Consider the following:

A Closer Look at the Keypad

Ademco did its best to ensure that the keypad was visible at night and in the morning. The screen is bright enough but also has anti-glare properties that make it easy for a homeowner to see it any time of the day. The keypad automatically lights up when opened, which helps reduce its battery and energy use.

Of course, the system comes with wireless controls, but most homeowners are opting to download applications that turn their smartphones into controls.

Additional Devices

The Ademco security system can be installed professionally or by a very self-sustaining individual who would rather do the installation his or herself. This means that the system is highly customizable, which makes sense as no two homes are exactly alike. The important thing to remember as a homeowner is to not forget the essentials when it comes to protecting a home. Make sure that the system installed includes the following:

  • Cameras, especially for entry points like windows, doors, garages, or basements
  • Sensor lights high enough so that no burglar can reach the light bulb
  • Magnetic fencing triggered when crossed (These are installed at the doors and windows.)

Of course, some homeowners like to connect things like smoke detectors and CO2 detectors to the system for added protection. These additions are good to have for peace of mind.

Ademco is not unlike many other companies attempting to make homes a little safer and help families feel protected. The difference lies in the commitment to its customers.

Homeowners should not depend solely on alarm systems for the safety of their families. It is wise to take a number of other precautions because alarm systems are not foolproof, even Ademco’s. One good idea is to have an exit plan or a panic room just in case. Another good idea is to join an effective neighborhood watch or even purchase a guard dog to go back to one of earliest versions of an alarm system.