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Urban Alarms: The Right Security System Will Frustrate a Burglar

Most homeowners know that a home security system is a wise investment, but one thing that some homeowners may not think about is the possibility of a system being compromised. This could happen for a number of reasons, and every person should be aware of the dangers. This does not mean that homeowners should just give up on home security as there are many benefits but rather be proactive. One thing a homeowner can do is make sure that he or she has the best home security system, which might be Urban Alarm home security in this case.

The Many Advantages of Home Security

There is no denying that a lot of benefits come along with installing a good home security system. For one, it is estimated that homes with a security system are two to three times less likely to be burglarized. This should definitely encourage a homeowner to seriously consider a good system.

Most of the burglaries that take place end up costing a home dweller a little more than $2,000. Keep in mind that this is referring to damage or items stolen from a home. A homeowner also needs to consider the following:

  • The danger the criminal poses on the lives of anyone in the house.
  • Some criminals assault their victim. These assaults can be sexual in nature.
  • Damaged or stolen items that hold sentimental value that no amount of money could replace could be lost forever.

Urban Alarm & Issues Other Security Systems do not Address

The problem with some home security systems is that a slick perpetrator with some technical skill can actually compromise the alarm system, making it ineffective and putting the home dwellers in danger. Security systems like ADT and Vivint are just some of the companies that seem to have this vulnerability. Most security systems are wireless and usually minimally encrypted if it is encrypted at all. This allows a smart burglar to simply hack into the system and jam the signal, which means that the alarm will not be able to communicate the intrusion to the monitoring company.

Homeowners with wireless and unencrypted systems also give savvy burglars the opportunity to use the alarm system for his or her advantage. A hacked system can relay images within the property to the burglar, making it easy for him or her to jump into the house when no one is at home.

ADT has addressed this particular issue by helping some customers transition to some of its lesser known plans, which are still wired. A wired home security system cannot be hacked into, but the truth is that it can still be compromised. The home invader would just have to cut the wire, and most burglars know how to do that.

These dangers make it easy to understand why the best home security system might be Urban Alarm. The following are just some of the benefits that homeowners can expect with this company that helps it stand above many others.

A Good Spectrum

One of the best features of this home security system is the high frequency spread-spectrum wireless system. The connection’s speed makes it harder for criminals to hack into the system.

Two-way Wireless

The company allows for a two-way communication between the system and the monitors. This means that any manipulation will signal trouble, and the company will be able to help block the jamming signal.

No Jamming

It is unlikely that a burglar will be able to jam the signal to the point that the monitors will have to get involved. This is because Urban Alarm comes with anti-jamming technology that should hamper the burglar’s attempt to hack into the system. Most burglars are not looking to spend too much time in one home, which means that this might deter them. It should be noted that this technology can be set up to signal an alarm should someone try to disable it.

Alarm Panel Issue

One reason many home security systems like ADT or Vivint get compromised is because the the sensors around the household connect to the central alarm panel. This means that the burglar just needs to compromise the panel, and the rest of the house is now unprotected. Urban Alarm takes care of that issue because the resisters are not in the alarm panel but at the end of the line, which is usually hidden well.

Communication Lines

Another common issue with home security systems is they usually have one line of communication. This line can be jammed or disconnected, and it renders the system powerless against the invasion. Urban Alarm took care of that issue by simply installing several communication paths that will ensure constant communication with the monitoring company, even if a criminal attempts to compromise the system.

Aggressive Watching

The monitoring company for Urban Alarm is quite aggressive. The monitors are scheduled to check on a home’s communication abilities every few minutes. The monitors are ready to make a call for help the moment the home security system fails. The company will attempt to confirm if there is an issue before the monitor makes the call to the local police department as mistakes are also possible.

Urban alarm comes with all the gadgets that homeowners would expect from their alarm system. This includes things like motion sensor lights, video surveillance, flood lights, glass break sensors, magnetic fencing around the house, and many other options. The key is that this company has gone the extra mile to make sure that all of its clients are properly protected from savvy home invaders who might attempt to compromise the system.

It seems that Urban Alarm may be a wise chose for those looking for a security system, but those who have a system should call their current provider to compare and contrast to see if a switch is necessary.