Keep Your Home Safe by Using a Home Alarm System
No one wants to be asleep in their bed only to be woken up at three in the morning by a strange noise in the living room. Hopefully it is just the cat and not an intruder who has forced their way into the home to burgle any valuables. Sadly, sometimes that noise actually is an intruder who has gained entry to your home. They can only really get in a door or a window, no one is going to attempt to go through a wall. An intruder relies on their ability to be stealthy and so it is unlikely that they would have broken any glass to get inside because that would be a quick way to alert people to their presence. They most likely circumvented the locks on a window or door that allows them quiet access to the house. Not all locks are created equal, there are some that are near impossible for a run of the mill burglar to pick. There are also many types of home alarm systems that can help alert homeowners and authorities of any criminal activity. Some people will use one of these or both of these in order to keep themselves safe. Picking which one really depends on where someone lives and what things they have to keep safe. Locks come in a great variety of shapes, sizes, and safety. One of the most common forms of lock for a home is a deadbolt. This type of lock is literally just a steel rod thrusted into a reinforced wood door frame. Because of this, it is nearly impossible to muscle one’s way through it. However, the lock itself relies on only a pretty simple tumbler key. This can be picked by anyone with a couple of hair pins to manipulate the tumblers and a video from youtube. Fortunately, there seems to always be a new lock on the market that features a new design that makes them nearly impregnable to anyone but a locksmith. One of the newest developments is deadbolt locks that work in conjunction with Bluetooth or biometrics. These might require just your phone getting near the lock, a quick scan of your finger, or a combination of those with an actual key. Does this mean that it takes longer for someone to open the door? Yes, but it also makes it nearly impossible for someone to break into the house through that lock. So anyone looking at this and questioning the practicality really needs to ask themselves, “Is my safety and the safety of my family worth the extra 20-30 seconds a day?” Thankfully, using such over the top locks is not needed because home security can be boosted by just adding a home alarm system to a house. These can do more than just alert you and the authorities of a break-in. You can put up a sign that says that the home has a security system like this which will help deter any possible intruders. Think about it; if someone was going to break into a home would they go after a house that not only has a lock but also an electronic security system or the house down the street that does not? Even on the off chance that a thief does decide to break into someone’s home they won’t be able to do much as police are immediately on their way with a picture of what the intruder looks like. Home alarms also come in different varieties. Some of them use a loud alarm that not only wakes up the homeowners and any neighbors in the area, but it also scares the living daylights out of an intruder as they run out as fast as they can. Other alarms silently send out a message to the police and security company so that they can arrive on the scene before the intruder even realizes that they have been detected. Home security units work on more than just the front door and back door, they also are connected to the windows of a house. That way, if the intruder likes to rely more on blunt force and breaks the window the alarm is set off as well. Some high end versions are equipped with surveillance cameras that allow security companies and homeowners to monitor the home even if the family is away on vacation. When it comes to people’s homes, they generally want to be able to relax into their bed at night without worrying that their lives might be turned upside down because of an intruder. Because of this, many people naturally install security systems in their homes in order to protect their interest and loved ones. Depending on the crime level of where someone lives that might mean a simple deadbolt that they lock at night, or it might mean that they have a high security deadbolt in addition to a top of the line home security system that keeps watch over the home even when there is nobody home. These all can help deter people from attempting to break into a home or stop them if they do. Even if you live in an area that doesn’t have any crime and the chances of a break in are incredibly slim, it is much better to have a good security system and never really need it that to have no kind of security and put your family and belongings at risk.