Top Systems For Home Security
No matter where in the country one lives, a security system is a crucial component of the modern home. Even the most peaceful of neighborhoods is subject to breaking and entering and other types of property-based crime that can easily be prevented with reliable security technology. With so many units on the market, though, it can be tough to decide which one is best. Here is a gathering of some security system reviews to help you make that purchasing decision. The Fortress SO2-B is a completely wireless system that comes with both a main unit and sensors that are fully programmable. One of the really neat features of this system is that it has an auto-dialing function that can call up to six numbers that are pre-programmed in the main unit. There are also window sensors that automatically detect any type of forced break-in, passive motion detectors, and an ultra-loud alarm that is sure to wake the entire neighborhood if an intruder attempts a break-in. At a price of around $200, it is a very good deal and also very highly rated. A review of the system on a leading retailer’s site states that, “Let me preface this by saying that I was suspicious of the 30+ solid 5 star reviews. Surely SOMEONE found something to nitpick, right? Anyway, I originally thought I was going to be the one to reduce the average but I’m pleased to say that, for the price, this is easily a 5 star product. In general, there is one major downside to installing your own security system: if someone breaks in, chances are that you are only going to know when you return home. The most competitive feature of these Fortress systems is the ability to call pre-programmed numbers when an alarm is triggered at home. In fact, for this reason, we did not even plug in the siren – when we are on campus, we could easily be home in minutes if there was an alarm. The whole system took about 45 minutes to set up, including the amount of time I spent developing a plan for where to put the various sensors. It’s a good idea to put the motion sensors in areas of your home where an intruder is unlikely to avoid. That said, the sensors are already programmed to the base station, so it’s really a turn-on-and-go type of deal.”

The only complaints that users have about this system is that it no longer supports the Google Voice app and that if someone is not tech-savvy, there may be a steep learning curve to being able to master it and comfortably leave the home for extended periods of time. However, if technology is your thing, this may be your best bet in home security systems. A more simplified but no less reliable system is offered by the Simplisafe2 Wireless. It contains 8-pieces in the setup and operates via a cellular connection. One of the top things that people were raving about is that the system is contract-free. One of the major complaints that consumers have about buying systems from the “giants” of the industry is that they lock you into long-term contracts. The entire system is priced at about $260 and has a monthly cost of about $15 to monitor. While the technology is still very powerful, it is a bit easier to fathom for those that are less inclined to up to speed on all the latest gadgets in the high-tech world. The review that is voted most-helpful on a top retailing site gives some of the reasons this person bought their system, “(1) The system is cellular, with a battery back-up, so a burglar cannot disable it by simply cutting the phone line or power line. Most other companies either do not offer cellular monitoring at all, charge extra for it and/or only offer it as a back-up if the land line fails. (2) SimpliSafe does not lock you into a monitoring contract. You pay a monthly fee for monitoring, and you can cancel the service whenever you want without penalty. Most of SimpliSafe’s competitors require you to sign at least a three year contract. (3) Price. SimpliSafe offers interactive monitoring for $24.95/month, which is significantly less than the competition. With interactive monitoring you get text alerts, can change the settings on your system (customize it) through SimpliSafe’s webpage and can arm or disarm the system either through the webpage or by using the Android or iPhone app (they also offer less expensive plans if you do not want the interactive features, but I chose the interactive plan). The equipment itself is also less expensive than the competition. (4) The system is easily expandable. You can add additional components whenever you want. Some other companies jack up the monthly monitoring fee when you add more components. (5) SimpliSafe sells the system online or by the phone and you self-install it, so you don’t have to deal with high pressure salespeople coming to your house. (6) You can try out the system with no risk. You can return it for a full refund within 60 days if you are not happy with it.” As a matter of full disclosure, both of these reviews come from outside sources, as previously stated. They were not edited at all so that the original integrity would be kept intact. After reading about the top two systems in the industry, as rated by consumers with verified purchases giving security system reviews, it is hoped that purchasing a security system will be far less stressful and the home will be burglar-proof in no time at all.