Professional Security Solutions For Home

Even though winter is still going strong, some people are still looking for a home with poor security to victimize. Burglars don’t care how cold it is, they just want an easy score for the holidays. This means homeowners need to be vigilant and make sure their home is safe from intrusion. This might seem like a simple task, but it can be harder than most people think. Keeping a burglar out isn’t as simple as making sure the doors are locked. An experienced burglar can make their way into almost any home that doesn’t have a professional quality home security solution installed.

The first thing to do when securing a home is to take a home security audit. Homeowners can take a basic audit with just a few steps. The outside of the home is where to start. The yard should be free of debris that might offer a hiding spot for a grown adult. Shrubs and trees need to be trimmed so that the bottom is clearly visible. This will make it harder for someone to lurk behind natural cover. Areas in the yard that aren’t frequented by family members should be well lit, motion sensor lights are a great solution for this. The inside of the home is a little easier. All doors and windows nee working locks that are sturdy enough to withstand the force of a grown adult. Sensors can be installed on doors and windows to alert family members of intruders. These are just a few steps homeowners in Bolingbrook can take, but the most important step is to call a professional service provider for help.

Professional Service for Professional Results

It’s fine that a homeowner in Bolingbrook might want to take steps on their own to secure their home, but not all homeowners have the knowledge needed to truly secure a home and prevent intrusion. With the help of an experienced professional, homeowners can spot security gaps they might not have otherwise noticed or been aware of. Home security professionals are trained to think like a burglar. This means they can spot security gaps that most people won’t notice. When combined with a healthy knowledge of home security hardware, homeowners can have a safe and secure home at a very affordable rate.

Having a professional service provider complete an audit might yield some very surprising results. What might seem like a relatively safe yard or property may turn out to be the ideal entry point for a burglar. By working with a professional service provider, homeowners can learn just how mistaken they were when they thought their home was safe. Home security systems can include a variety of sensors and alerts that help homeowners detect intrusions and summon the authorities as quickly as possible. With the right service plan, every homeowner can have the sense or safety and peace of mind they deserve.

Personal Safety Devices

Home security doesn’t stop at burglaries. There are several different kinds of additional sensors and alerts that can help homeowners keep everyone in the family safe and sound. Medical alert pendants are popular among senior family members. If a slip and fall accident occurs, the victim need only press the button on their pendant to summon emergency services without having to access a phone. Fall alerts can also be installed throughout the house in areas such as in the bedroom or shower. Sensors can also be installed in a crib or a child’s room to detect unusual activity or a lack of activity. Most all security systems now include carbon monoxide detectors as well, adding an even stronger sense of security.

Home Automation and Smart Devices

Many homeowners worry about whether their teenager remembered to lock the doors or turn off the lights on their way out the door int he morning. Instead of having to make a special trip home to check on everything, homeowners can simply open up the app on their portable device and click a single button. Home automation means those nagging worries can finally be put to rest so that focus can remain where it belongs. Best of all, home automation can save hundreds of dollars in energy costs throughout the year.

Smart devices are being introduced on a regular basis. Top brands have made their mark in the home automation market. Major manufacturers such as Honeywell have introduced devices ranging from smart thermostats to switches that can be added to nearly any circuit breaker panel. These devices control the entire home and allow the owner to shut off certain appliances when not in use as well as start appliances at pre-set times. This level of control allows the homeowner to decide the temperature of the home while everyone is gone, whether certain appliances should even operate throughout the day, and even turn off a running faucet if necessary.

The best part about a good home automation system is that it learns over time. This means that the longer the device is used, the better it works. As the schedule’s of family members are recorded and tracked the device can learn when to adjust the temperature in the home, when to shut off certain appliances, and when to turn everything back on. As the device becomes more efficient, homeowners save more and more money on energy costs. Over time, these savings might completely offset the cost of the system and the devices to go along with it.

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