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Keeping your Home and Family Safe – Security around the Home

Safety and security around the home is a priority for anyone: a new homeowner, a renter, people who live in the suburbs, city dwellers, and any other type of homeowner. Everyone wants to live in an area that is welcoming and safe for themselves, their home, and their possessions. With every living situation being so different, the steps that need to be taken to ensure safety in the home vary as well. Some people live in an apartment complex where their landlord’s installed security systems and make sure the locks are the best and up to date. Other people need to do all that installation on their own, plus fixing any weak spots in their home, in case a burglar could shimmy their older models of windows open. Older homes typically require more updates and upgrades to keep a potential thief out. Older doors and windows are notorious for being easier to pick the locks or just force open.

A security system, a well-lit home, and a dog are the top three deterrents to someone robbing a home. All three are so effective because they bring attention where a robber would not want it. If a homeowner or a watchful neighbor can easily see someone skulking about their homes in the evenings, searching for weak spots or their next home target, then they can easily call the police to warn them away. Most dogs would bark at someone near their windows and home. If the dog can see them through the windows and warn their owners, or if the dog is aggressive looking, the burglar would think twice about entering that home at night. Yet, the most dependable of these three deterrents would be the home security system. Security system companies are always on call and available if an issue occurred. The system reports any changes or if any of it’s alarms are jumped, where a dog might miss the signs of an intruder if it was sleeping, or the burglar might dodge the motion lights outside. A security system is harder for them to be aware of, so it can easily catch them in the act. Also, a security system would not only warn them away, it would immediately call the necessary forces to take care of the issue for the homeowner, even if they were not currently int the home. Many homeowners have a security system for peace of mind if they vacation for long times, work odd hours, or if they simply live in an area where an extra set of protective measures is considered necessary.

Some of the most well-known and well-reviewed security system companies would be Frontpoint, ADT Home Security, and Protect America.

Frontpoint is respected for having an incredibly easy installation process. It is entirely do-it-yourself and can be done in about half an hour with the help of a security consultant over the phone. This company offers security, flood, fire, carbon monoxide, and freezing protection. Personal alert in case of a health emergency is offered as well for an additional price. Frontpoint is appreciated by customers for their excellent customer service, lower contract fees, and flexible contract plans which make moving locations with the equipment much easier than other security system companies.

ADT Home Security is a respected home security system as it has been in the business for 140 years. This brand and their window stickers are very recognizable as being effective, a fact that some think is also a deterrent to a home invader. The ADT equipment can easily be controlled and monitored from a smartphone or computer anywhere. This allows people to check on their home while they are away very easily. This security company has plans and packages that cost a higher rate, but they are well recognized as the leading provider of home security for a reason: they really do work.

Protect America is a security company similar to Frontpoint, but they connect their monitoring system by either a landline, a cellular uplink, or a broadband internet connection. Each of these plans cost differently which can be perfect for varying budgets. Customers like this company because they offer a GPS Vehicle tracking device as an upgrade, but the cost of the initial equipment can be high. The first package of security devices only includes three sensors for entry points, so many homes need more to account for the many windows.

Each of the companies listed above is known for providing excellent service and effective home security monitoring. It then just becomes a matter of deciding which is the best fit for the homeowner. For someone who does not plan on staying more than a year in that location, but needs a security system, Frontpoint would be an excellent choice. Having a security company that can easily adjust their contract to their new location would reduce a lot of stress over spending money on a security plan.
Protect America would be a budget friendly option that allows for a lot of customizable choices to make the security plan as big and elaborate as the customer wanted to spend. The customer could easily make this a small, affordable plan that helps them fix a few problem spots they were concerned about in their home.

Lastly, ADT Home Security would be a common choice for homeowners that were interested in investing in a system that is led by a dependable company with a lot of experience. This system allows for flexibility of design, offers upgrades to help combat trouble areas, and has one of the best monitoring companies available. It is a very expensive security option, but it often said to be one of the best investments a homeowner can make