Which is Better Protection for Your Home – A Gun or an Alarm System?

Every 15 seconds, someone’s home is broken into. Most often, a burglar will gain entry to the home during the day when the thief expects no one to be at home. That’s bad but could be much worse. What if you or a member of the family is sick in bed when a guy with a hoodie bursts into the bedroom? What if a child heard the intruder and is terrified, hiding in the closet or under the bed? Things can be replaced, loved ones cannot.

Will a Gun or an Alarm System Provide the Best Protection for Your Home?

There are two schools of thought on home protection: an alarm system or a gun. Each has positives and negatives.

A Gun

There is no intent to discuss gun ownership, but only whether or not a gun is the best choice for home protection. If a criminal knows that the owner is home and armed, most would avoid the home and look for an easier target. However, the thief will probably not know that there is someone inside with a gun so that would not prevent a forced entry.The homeowner could have the gun locked up and be unable to access it in time.There will be a lot of time when no one is home. If the gun was discovered by a burglar, it would be stolen with the other items.A gun could put a member of the household in danger if they were not trained in the proper use of a weapon.A gun is primarily for combat or confronting an intruder.Many people have protected themselves, family members and/or their property because they were armed.The downside to a confrontation with an intruder is the possible aftermath. If the intruder was fleeing when shot, the homeowner could suddenly find themselves in serious legal trouble.

An Alarm System

A well-designed alarm system, such as the Honeywell alarm system, provides 24/7 protection. Homes that don’t have alarm systems are almost 3 times as likely to be broken into.On average, if a burglar can’t break into a home within a minute, they’ll abandon the attempt and go elsewhere.A homeowner’s best friend is delay. Make it harder for the burglar to get in. Install jams on patio doors and windows and put a deadbolt on each entry door. Keep doors locked even if someone is home. Ensure that shrubbery near doors and windows is kept trimmed so that a burglar can’t hide in it.Motion-activated cameras and security lighting act as a first line of defense.An ear-splitting alarm will send most would-be burglars running before they ever get inside the home.Lawn signs and window decals announcing that the home has a security system will send typical thieves farther down the street looking for an easier target.

The Honeywell Home Security System – Automated and Customized Protection

The Honeywell alarm system is an excellent example of the use of emerging technologies for home security. In addition to the basic components of most home security systems, Honeywell has added a few goodies such as GPS, asset tracking and “Smart Scenes,” all highly customizable to an individual’s unique requirements.

Control Panels with a Dynamic Interface

Even people who love their security system do not love an ugly, clunky control panel. Honeywell control panels such as the Tuxedo TouchTM are unobtrusive, sleek and easy to use. The interactive screen is intuitive and can be operated with voice controls – great if both hands are full. It’s not necessary to remember complicated codes or numbers. When the system isn’t being used, an family photo or other image can be set to display on the touchscreen.

Control Your Home with Automation and Energy-Saving Options

The Honeywell control panel can be used to operate lights, locks and the thermostat from either the control panel itself or any internet device, such as a smartphone. Unlock the doors remotely if a family member can’t find their key. Put window shades or ceiling fans on a timer for more efficient heating and cooling.

Alerts in Real-Time

Alerts are sent if the security alarm is triggered, but custom alerts can also be established. Be notified when the kids get home from school or if the dog is in a room that he isn’t supposed to enter. The system can be remotely armed and disarmed. Alternatively, it’s possible to find out who armed or disarmed the system and when that happened.

View Live Video

Video from as many as six cameras can be seen at one time. Watch the kids or see who’s coming to the door whether or not you’re home. A two-minute loop can be recorded at any time.

Smart Scenes

Smart Scenes is a dynamic automation feature that allows specific actions to be set to occur at preset times. For example, a “Welcome Home” scene could set the thermostat to a comfortable setting and turn on the lights so that the family reaches a well-lit and comfortable home. A “Goodnight” scene could automatically lock the doors, turn off certain lights, close the window shades and arm the security system.

GPS Tracking for Vehicles and Assets

If there is a new driver in the household, it’s possible to track their vehicle with the GPS tracking feature. Alerts can be set to notify you if a vehicle is speeding or has entered areas that are off-limits to the driver. This feature would be very important if the vehicle was stolen. The GPS system can also be used to track valuables such as family heirlooms or art. For 24/7 protection, the Honeywell alarm system offers better protection than a gun. Many responsible homeowners will choose to also arm themselves with a weapon, as is their right. However, the best protection is to prevent someone from ever entering the home in the first place. That is the primary advantage provided by an alarm system.