ADT Alameda, California

Why Homeowners Need Security Systems As A Line Of Defense
In Alameda, California, there are 78,630 residents. According to statistics, these residents are at a more pronounced risk of becoming victims in the city. The crime index rating of 24 shows that the city has a higher than average rate of crime that shows all homeowners that they need a better line of defense. The following are details that show why this line of defense is necessary for all homeowners. What Current Criminal Statistics Say About Alameda According to statistics, the city of Alameda had 155 violent crimes committed in the last year. These rates show that 1 out of every 1,000 resident became a victim of these violent crimes. Next, they show that 1,921 property crimes occurred. These rates show that 24 out of every 1,000 residents became a victim of a property-related crime. Overall, the total number of crimes committed in the last year was 2,076. These rates show that 26 out of every 1,000 residents were victims of some type of crime in the city of Alameda. When comparing these rates, homeowners see that there were two murders, seven rapes, 66 robberies, and 80 physical assaults that occurred in the city of Alameda. These rates show that 1 out of every 507 residents in the city became a victim of these violent crimes. Among the property crimes reported, there were 229 home invasions, 1,321 property thefts, and 371 automobile thefts that occurred throughout the city. These rates show that one in every 38 residents was a victim of a property related crime. Overall, the rates show that 192 crimes were committed per square mile in this city. Were There Any Violent Protests or Violent Crimes in the Local News? The city of Alameda has a history of violent protests. These protests ended in shootings, several arrests, and severe injuries for victims. The most recent protests related to Urban Shield. While the message for most protests was to promote an end to violence, they had a completely different effect altogether. In 2009, in fact, a man was fatally shot during a protest against the local transit service. These protests and the continued trend in which violence always finds its way to these protests indicate a real issue for local homeowners. They need to evaluate possible security measures that could prevent them from becoming victims when these protests get too close to residential areas. A home security system could provide the best solution. What is the Current State of the Local Housing Market? The current housing market presents stability for homeowners with an increase in values of 8% in the last year. However, projections for increases don’t indicate a high rate. These predictions show only a 1.6% potential raise for these homeowners. The current average price is $886,200. This rate is based on the unit price of $494 per square foot. These doesn’t show real promise for any homeowners who are hoping to sell in the current market. These trends could spell out disaster for some homeowners. As the prices begin to drop significantly, this will increase animosity between residents and lead to further eruptions of violence and crime. These events will have a seriously damaging effect on the local market and make it even harder to sell with even more increases in the crime rates. These trends show homeowners why they need a more pronounced line of defense for their homes including updated home security systems. Are There Sex Offenders Living in Alameda? Yes, there are five registered sex offenders that reside in Alameda. The most recent ratio between citizens and offenders was 15,128 to 1 in recent reports. These offenders aren’t concentrated in one central area of the city, yet they live in multiple neighborhoods. Among the most prevalent offenses in which these offenders were charged include forced rape, child molestation, and sexual assault of minors under the age of 14. These offenders, while they are small in number, continue to present a risk to children and women living in these areas. Homeowners must be steadfast and choose the best security systems to protect their home and families against probable repeat offenses. A better home security system could provide a higher level of defense against possible intrusions and injuries for children. Are There Prisons in or Near Alameda? Currently, there are jails and prisons in surrounding areas that could have an impact on residents of Alameda. They include the Glenn Dyer Jail, Alameda County Santa Rita Jail, Fremont Jails, the California Department of Corrections. Each of these facilities presents a combined population that ranges up to the thousands. The offenses in which the inmates were charged or convicted present real risks to homeowners who live in surrounding neighborhoods. What Security Options Reflect the Best Line of Defense? Homeowners should evaluate possibilities that prevent possible tampering of their security systems. There is a higher than average rate in which intruders have cut wires for the wired security systems and disarmed them completely. These systems also provide sensors that require certain movements for detection that are often fooled. However, wireless options show real promise for keeping families safer and lowering the risk of a break-in. In Alameda, California, homeowners must review possible security systems to increase their line of defense. The local crime statistics show a real threat to residents without these systems. These crimes included higher than average rates of violent and property-related crimes. Homeowners who want to acquire better security contact a local provider today.