ADT Port Orange, Florida

Learn How to Protect Your Home and Neighborhood
Many residents love Port Orange because of its proximity to the beach. Founded in 1867, this city is home to around 56,000 residents as of the 2010 census. However, even though many of the residents do love living here and being close to the beach, they might be concerned about the security in the area. Homeowners are going to want to ensure they do what they can to protect their home and to prevent property crimes at their home and in their neighborhood. This can be done with neighborhood watch programs and with installing security systems, along with other safety measures. Learn About the Crime in the City Port Orange has a crime index of 34, meaning it’s safer than 34% of cities in America. However, this is still a relatively low number as the highest possible rating is 100. Residents of the city have about a one in 50 chance of being the victim of a property crime, which is lower than the state risk of one in 36. In this area, there are approximately 2.52 burglaries per 1,000 residents, 16.90 thefts, and .75 motor vehicle thefts per year. These might seem like small numbers, but they show just how possible it is for a person to become a victim. Learn About the Crime in the Neighborhood Residents are going to want to learn more about the crime level in their own neighborhood, not just the city in general. Online maps show more crime in the eastern part of the city, closer to the coast, and lower crime rates in the western part of the city. Homeowners may want to look online at crime maps or the local law enforcement website to get more information on what crimes typically occur close to their home so they can know what to expect in their area and what to watch out for. Look Into Neighborhood Watch Programs Neighborhood watch programs are available in many areas and can help greatly reduce the amount of crime in the neighborhood. With these programs, the neighbors work together to spot any suspicious behavior or crimes in progress and alert the police so they can be checked out faster. This can help stop crimes that might be occurring and, when criminals know they’re being watched in the neighborhood and that the police response is fast, they might be deterred from actually trying. Numerous studies have been done to show how much of a positive impact neighborhood watch programs can have and how it can limit the crime in the neighborhood. Consider Starting a Neighborhood Watch Program A person can look online or speak with their neighbors to determine if there’s a neighborhood watch program in their neighborhood. If there isn’t, they might want to consider creating one. It’s a good idea for the person to contact the local law enforcement when they’re planning on doing this as law enforcement often has more information on how to start the program, what to do, and how to ensure it’s as effective as possible. The homeowner will want to hold meetings on a regular basis to help the neighbors get to know each other and to discuss anything they’ve noticed since the last meeting. This helps ensure everyone is one the same page and working together to make the neighborhood safer. Look Into Monitored Security Systems Along with a neighborhood watch program, a security system can be incredibly beneficial for stopping a crime in progress and preventing it from occurring. A homeowner might want to look into a monitored security system if they’ll be away from home often. With these, a security company will install the proper equipment and, if an alarm goes off in the home, it will be sent to their dispatcher who can contact the police department for the homeowner. This way, the police are notified of an issue as quickly as possible and can arrive quickly to stop the criminal or check on the home. Look Into Do-it-Yourself Security Systems Homeowners who are home more often or are able to monitor the security system on their own might want to look into a DIY home security system. They can choose the components they want and install them on their own. This allows them to slowly build a security system and adjust it completely to meet their needs, but they will need a way for the system to notify them if anything happens. This is typically done using a motion detector or security camera, or a combination, and having alerts sent to their smartphone.  Choose the Right Security System for Your Home Both types of security systems have benefits and there are quite a few options for the homeowner within each. A homeowner is going to want to consider whether they need the system to be monitored, what components they’re interested in obtaining to protect their home, and how much they want to do to get the system up and running. Then, they can look through and narrow down their options to find the right system for their home or to start building their own system. No matter what security system they opt for, they’ll still receive the protection against property crimes. Port Orange residents are going to want to ensure they protect their home and their neighborhood. By using the advice here and learning more about their security options for their home, they can ensure they have a lower chance of being a property crime victim. Start working on the security of your home today to ensure your home and your family will be protected as much as possible.